Maintaining Professionalism as an Teacher

Check out our list of tips for maintaining professionalism as a teacher.

Devote yourself to your business—the business of educating learners to be good stewards, outstanding citizens, and lifelong learners. Understand that this is the most important career. What you teach learners will impact their lives.

Instruct learners first. Remain learner- centered in every decision that you make. Learners are the reason you are in education. Be careful not to fall into the trap of focusing on content first and learners second.

Place your schedule by the door, so you and your learners can be found effortlessly if your class is away. Don’t think people will chase after you.

If you express a bias toward working with learners of a particular race, religion, or gender, learners will notice this even if you think it’s not obvious. Word will spread, and it is very difficult to change perceptions or the way learners think about you.

Shake a bad mood prior to entering the class. Snapping at the learners is not the best way to begin your day or a class. You may be upset about the condition of the projects you graded the night prior, but instead of becoming angry, focus on how you will improve your learners’ performance.

Find out that respect is mutual. If you are interacting with a learner by addressing them by name, taking an interest in what they do, and staying relaxed through challenging situations, you are showing respect for the learner.

If you have misspoken or if your beliefs were wrong, apologize to your learners or coworkers. Remain frank, be brief and sincere. Learners and adults will appreciate your honesty and your courage.

Take personal responsibility for each of your learners. You are their educator, and it is your responsibility and job to teach all your learners using various strategies. Understand that education is for life.

Continually use proper grammar when speaking and writing. Slang phrases are not appropriate for class use. An educator wouldn’t teach the wrong subject matter. The same applies to language usage.

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