‘Managing Up’: 4 Ways to Help Your Administrator Help You

“Managing Up” is a term often used in the workplace to describe helping an administrator help their supervisor. It cannot be easy to manage, as it requires a good relationship with your administrator and understanding of what they can and cannot do. Here are four ways to help manage up effectively:

1. Communicate Clearly: Know what your administrator wants and needs. Be specific about what tasks you would like them to complete, and be honest about what you cannot do yourself. This way, your administrator will know exactly what to expect from them and will not feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

2. Set Boundaries: Setting boundaries with your administrator is important. Ensure they know when they can and cannot help you, and be clear about what is and is not acceptable behavior. Then, you and your administrator can stick to your commitments and maintain a positive working relationship.

3. Recognize Their Efforts: It is important to recognize your administrator’s efforts to help you. Thank them for their help promptly, and let them know if there is anything else they can do to help you. This will show them that you appreciate their efforts and will help to build a stronger relationship.

4. Offer Assistance: If you need help managing up, do not hesitate to ask your administrator for assistance. They will be happy to help you out and will understand how difficult it can be to manage on your own

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