MATC Changemakers Fellows Tackle Student Housing at Westown Green

The Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Changemakers Fellows program has taken on a critical issue affecting students in the city: affordable and accessible student housing. The Fellows, a group of innovative and socially conscious individuals, have set their sights on transforming the Westown Green area into a vibrant and inclusive community that meets the housing needs of MATC students.

The Westown Green area, located near MATC’s downtown campus, has long been identified as a prime location for student housing. However, the area has struggled with high vacancy rates, crime, and a lack of amenities, making it an uninviting option for students. The Changemakers Fellows saw an opportunity to not only provide much-needed housing but also to revitalize the entire neighborhood.

Through a collaborative effort with local stakeholders, including MATC administrators, city officials, and community organizations, the Fellows have developed a comprehensive plan to redevelop the Westown Green area. The plan includes the construction of affordable and sustainable housing units, as well as the creation of community spaces and amenities that cater to the needs of MATC students.

The Fellows’ vision for Westown Green goes beyond just providing a roof over students’ heads. They aim to create a thriving community that fosters academic success, social connection, and personal growth. The redevelopment plan includes features such as study lounges, community kitchens, and wellness centers, all designed to support students’ overall well-being.

By tackling the issue of student housing, the MATC Changemakers Fellows are not only addressing a critical need but also contributing to the economic and social revitalization of the Westown Green area. Their innovative approach to community development has the potential to serve as a model for other cities and institutions, demonstrating the power of collaborative problem-solving and social entrepreneurship.

As the Fellows continue to work towards their vision, they are inspiring a new generation of leaders and changemakers to take action on the issues that matter most. By transforming Westown Green into a vibrant and inclusive community, the MATC Changemakers Fellows are creating a brighter future for MATC students and the city of Milwaukee as a whole.

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