Mayor of Houston Celebrates Digital Education Day

Sylvester Turner lauds local educators for their work to transform education and bring equity to learning 

(Houston, TX) May 2, 2016 — On April 21st, the Director of Education for the City of Houston, Dr. Juliet Stipeche, presented the Learning Counsel and all area school districts a proclamation for “Digital Education Day.” On behalf of Mayor Sylvester Turner, Stipeche honored the educators for their united and dedicated work to bridge the equity gap and help all students ready themselves for a 21st-century workforce.

Stipeche, formerly a board member for Houston Independent School District, was appointed by the Mayor just three months ago to create greater collaboration between the city and area schools and to bridge a social divide that is often driven by an inadequate or uncoordinated education system.

“Nothing is more important than a good education for our youth that makes them college and career ready,” stated Stipeche. “There is nothing more honorable than what our Houston area schools and teachers are doing every single day for our children. And what the Learning Counsel is doing with their events to help districts make the digital transition is unique and valuable and is being recognized appropriately today.”

The presentation of the recognition came during the Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion at Kingdom Builders’ Community Center in Houston. In attendance were 70 educational executives, including representatives from virtually all area school districts: Houston ISD, Katy ISD, Pasadena ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Dickenson ISD, Columbia-Brazoria ISD, Deer Park ISD, and Spring Branch ISD.

“We’re very proud to get this acknowledgement, but it’s really for the school leaders, teachers, and the students who are all part of this important shift in education,” said LeiLani Cauthen, the CEO of the Learning Counsel. “We’ve traveled to 54 cities in the last two years to work with superintendents and their executive teams on the transition to digital curriculum and content. We’re extremely excited about what we’ve seen and the promise of helping millions of students be truly prepared for their future.”

The day ended with a leadership panel, sponsored by Huawei Education Solutions, where equity for all, as stated in the Mayor’s proclamation, was a central theme. Andrew Houlihan, the Chief Academic Officer of Houston ISD, pointed out that every child should have the right of anywhere, anytime access to digital learning materials in order to be successful. “In many schools, we will soon have no more textbooks at all. So when a student can’t get to their laptop or iPad and have it be connected, what is he to do? At the end of the day, these devices and the digital curriculum are the new textbook, so you can’t withhold that from them.”

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