Meeting Learner Needs Through ELearning

It might seem counterintuitive, but it is possible to implement a learner-centered teaching approach in your online classroom. Regardless of whether a learner has just started their educational journey or they have already enrolled in higher education, more educators are turning to the learner-centered method of education, and for a good reason. 

Although there are plenty of reasons to adopt a learner-centered learning approach, the many prominent reasons are that it aligns better with contemporary-day needs. ELearning is perhaps the many ‘contemporary’ of the education methods, though it does present its own challenges. 

Let’s look at how you can meet your learners’ needs through eLearning with a learner-centered approach. 

Student-Centered Learning

As an educator who uses the learner-centered method of education, you must prioritize the learner and their learning needs. You will have to stick to three things: learner choice and voice, teaching as a facilitator, and education tech. 

In an environment following the learner-centered approach, learners stop being passive absorbers of info and instead become participants in the process of learning. Whether you’re talking about kindergartners or high schoolers, each learner contributes to their educational journey. 

Facilitating Learning and Edtech

As an educator, you must also change from being a guardian of knowledge to facilitating learning. If you give your learners more knowledge sources, they will ask more questions about them. You must answer these questions, and you must guide your learners toward new questions and encourage them to find answers on their own. 

When it comes to education tech, whether you’re working with a few educational apps or an LMS, it plays an essential role in learner-centered education. With the help of tech, you can choose your approach to several learning situations by using the learning data gathered by education tech. 

ELearning and Meeting Learner Needs

We know for a fact that the best way for learners to learn is by doing. They are engaged when they are doing new things, and learner-centered learning allows for learner-educator interaction based on their needs. 

ELearning environments should be just as safe for asking questions in physical learning environments. Your learners should feel confident that they will not be teased when asking a question, and when they get the answers they need, they will make progress. 

Your learners will also need instant feedback. That means checking your online classroom forums for queries as often as possible. If you aren’t able to do so in the evenings, try setting a designated time for your learners to post their questions with a guarantee that you will respond quickly. 


One of the many critical aspects of effective eLearning is a human connection. ELearning puts some online between the learner and the educator, which is why maintaining a close educational relationship with your learners is so essential. 

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