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22 Activities on Responsibility for Elementary Students

Introduction: Responsibility is an important value that should be taught to children from a young age. It helps them develop a sense of accountability and ownership towards their actions and decisions. Here are 22 activities that can help elementary students understand the importance of responsibility. 1. Chore Chart: Create a chore chart with daily tasksContinue reading

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Multiple Intelligences: Career Intelligence

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced world, traditional intelligence measures are not enough to determine one’s potential for success. Instead, the concept of ‘multiple intelligences,’ which was first introduced by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983, suggests that there are a variety of intelligences that collectively contribute to a person’s overall potential and performance. One of these integralContinue reading

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25 Fun Online Activities for Middle School Students

In this digital age, middle school students have plenty of online activities to choose from to have fun and learn simultaneously. With a variety of subjects and skill levels available, these activities can keep students engaged for hours. Here are 25 fun online activities that are both educational and entertaining for middle school students. 1.Continue reading

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Community Cohesion in Schools

Introduction Community cohesion plays an essential role in the development of today’s diverse educational environments. As schools become increasingly multicultural, promoting understanding, tolerance, and appreciation among students is crucial to fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. Community cohesion in schools can be achieved by implementing various strategies and programs that involve building trust, dialogue,Continue reading

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A Gifted and Talented Sports Programme

In today’s world of competitive sports, developing young talents at an early age has become increasingly important. A gifted and talented sports programme aims to identify, nurture, and support the potential in young athletes. By providing them with specialized coaching, training, and resources, these programmes enable the next generation of champions to reach their fullContinue reading

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About me

Matthew Lynch

CEO, Lynch Consulting Group

My career includes significant experience at multiple institutions where I have designed solutions that span the entire P-20 student life cycle.

As a full-time faculty member at Widener University, I assisted with the Center for Education's accreditation efforts. As a department chair at Langston University, I handled course development, scheduling, and evaluations. I also made adjustments each semester to promote improved results. I used data to realign class schedules and restore enrollments through a phased approach for attaining degrees and certificates.

We completely revamped the coursework, which brought our curriculum into the 21st century. We also lowered the number of semester hours required to graduate from all our programs in order to make them more marketable and place them in line with the rest of the state and private universities in Oklahoma.

When I began as Dean of the School of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Virginia Union, the graduation rate among teacher education majors was abysmal. By the end of my second year, we had increased the number of teacher education graduates by 433%. In spring 2015, we launched the university’s first academic graduate program - the Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.

My research-related activities are concentrated into three major areas: school reform, closing the achievement gap and improved teacher education.


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