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How Principals Can Rock the Teacher Retirement Party

A teacher’s retirement party is a significant event that celebrates their lifelong dedication to education and the lasting impact they’ve had on students’ lives. A memorable retirement party sends them off with love and appreciation as they embark on a new chapter of life. As a principal, it is important to ensure that the partyContinue reading

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The Nourished Teacher: Easiest Salmon Ever

As educators, we often find ourselves with a multitude of responsibilities – juggling lesson plans, grading, and administrative tasks. With such a hectic schedule, it’s essential for teachers to prioritize their health and nourishment. One delicious and effortless way to achieve this is by incorporating a dish like the Easiest Salmon Ever into your mealContinue reading

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We’re Giving Away 300 Classroom Books From ThriftBooks®! Enter to Win!

Introduction: Attention, educators and book lovers! Get ready to fill up your classroom library with a fantastic selection of books by participating in our incredible giveaway. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ThriftBooks®, the world-renowned online retailer for used books, to give away 300 books to one lucky winner. This giveawayContinue reading

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Thinking of Taking Your Entire Class Camping? Read This First

Camping can be a thrilling and educational experience for students. It offers them a chance to explore, learn, and bond with their peers in a natural setting. However, before you decide to take your entire class camping, there are several important factors to consider. Here are the top things you need to know before embarkingContinue reading

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Principals, It’s Time To Embrace Mental Health Days

Introduction: In recent years, the conversation surrounding mental health has gained much-needed attention in society. Teachers and educators are increasingly recognizing the impact of mental health on students’ well-being and academic performance. However, there is still one crucial element that must be addressed: mental health days for principals. As leaders of educational institutions, principals notContinue reading

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About me

Matthew Lynch

CEO, Lynch Consulting Group

My career includes significant experience at multiple institutions where I have designed solutions that span the entire P-20 student life cycle.

As a full-time faculty member at Widener University, I assisted with the Center for Education's accreditation efforts. As a department chair at Langston University, I handled course development, scheduling, and evaluations. I also made adjustments each semester to promote improved results. I used data to realign class schedules and restore enrollments through a phased approach for attaining degrees and certificates.

We completely revamped the coursework, which brought our curriculum into the 21st century. We also lowered the number of semester hours required to graduate from all our programs in order to make them more marketable and place them in line with the rest of the state and private universities in Oklahoma.

When I began as Dean of the School of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Virginia Union, the graduation rate among teacher education majors was abysmal. By the end of my second year, we had increased the number of teacher education graduates by 433%. In spring 2015, we launched the university’s first academic graduate program - the Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.

My research-related activities are concentrated into three major areas: school reform, closing the achievement gap and improved teacher education.


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