Merger Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Merger Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

  1. Accommodating Mergers in the Telecommunication Industry
  2. Mergers Proposed Through Monopolies
  3. The Merging of Kraft and Cadbury
  4. United States and Its Acquisitions and Mergers
  5. Mergers and How They Affect Industries and the Society
  6. Merger and Acquisitions in Sony Ericsson
  7. Travelers Group and Citicorp’s Merger
  8. The Merger of EMBC and SR: Factors and Consequences
  9. Company Mergers and Their Effectiveness
  10. International Strategies to Handle Mergers and Acquisitions
  11. The Merger of American Airlines & US Airways and Its Impacts on the Environment
  12. Medco Acquired by Merck & Co
  13. Heating Oils’ Merger Pitched a Business Deal Which Was Accepted by OFT
  14. Oligopolies Firms Being Merged and How They Were Affected Due to the Decision
  15. S Airways and American Airlines Merger
  16. Volkswagen and Porsche: Corporate Merger, Its Uses, and Effects
  17. Merging of Two Organizations and Structural Issues That arise From It
  18. The Merger of Wachovia-Wells Fargo
  19. What Was the Reason for Wachovia-Wells Fargo Merger?
  20. What Organizational Plans Should Be Kept in Mind Before Mergers
  21. The Competitive Position of Time Warner Before the Merger
  22. InBev’s Views on How Mergers and Acquisitions Help in Achieving a Corporate Strategy
  23. How Organizational Performance Is Affected by Acquisition and Mergers
  24. International Mega-Mergers Without Effectively Reducing Risk Levels
  25. McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr. Corporations: Mergers and Acquisitions
  26. The Merger of Alcatel – Lucent
  27. Daimler-Benz and Chrysler Mergers: Case Study
  28. Leadership Issues Faced Because of the Daimler-Chrysler Merger
  29. Russian Mergers and Acquisitions
  30. International Strategies, Acquisitions, and Mergers
  31. US Airways and American Airlines: Merger
  32. What Factors Lead to Acquisitions and Mergers?
  33. The Issues Faced by the Firms Air France-KLM Because of Their Merger
  34. Cultural Mergers: Benefits and Problems
  35. Comcast and NBCU-Comcast Merger
  36. The Merger of Southwest Airlines-AirTran
  37. Is Microsoft Considering Mergers?
  38. Factors Leading Towards Bank Mergers
  39. The Merger of Utah Symphony and Utah Opera
  40. Merging AT&T & BellSouth

Good Essay Topics on Merger

  1. Merger: Management Tactics to Deal With Transition
  2. Academic Hospital and Western Hospital Merger
  3. Merger Issues
  4. The Merger of Austar-Foxtel
  5. The Positive and Negative Points of Merger and Acquisition
  6. Boeing and Airbus Company Negotiating Mergers
  7. Skype and Microsoft Merger
  8. Mergers: Daimler-Chrysler
  9. Mergers: The American Airlines and US Airways
  10. Mergers: H. J Heinz Company and Kraft Foods
  11. Pharmaceutical Industry and Its Cross-Border Mergers
  12. Utah Opera and Utah Symphony Merger
  13. Bancolombia Company Faces Management Issues Due to Mergers
  14. Chrysler-Benz Merger and Acquisitions
  15. Mergers: KLM and Air France
  16. McDonald’s and Its Merger and International Strategies
  17. Downsizing and Mergers
  18. Mergers and the Involvement of a Project Team
  19. The Merger of China National Building Material Company and ABC Supply
  20. Industry Sectors Mergers
  21. Which Is Better in the Long Run: Merger or Acquisition?
  22. Mergers and Acquisitions in McDonald’s
  23. Delta Air Lines and Great Lakes Airlines’ Mergers and Acquisitions
  24. Al Ain Merger
  25. Synergy Valuation Models of Mergers and Acquisitions
  26. Merger and Acquisition of Caracal Light Ammunition
  27. Implementing Mergers and Acquisitions Successfully
  28. Mergers: Burger King and Tim Horton’s
  29. Merger Strategy of Southern Bank and Northern Bank
  30. Mergers and Acquisitions of American Companies
  31. The Post-Merger Success of BRL Hardy Company
  32. Mergers and Acquisition in the Car Industry
  33. UAE Laws Regarding Mergers and Acquisitions
  34. How Successful Are Business Mergers?
  35. Mergers: Detroit Free Press and Detroit Daily News
  36. Mergers: Al Bawadi Islamic Bank and Al Shurooq Bank
  37. Bay Networks and Cisco Systems Inc. Mergers
  38. The Merger Issues Faced by Barclays and Lehman Brothers
  39. Mergers: MRA Associates Incorporation and Ecodynamics
  40. The Financial Triggers That Lead to Mergers

Simple & Easy Merger Essay Titles

  1. How Shareholders Are Affected by Mergers and Acquisitions
  2. Merger of Beauchamp Companies & Synergon Capital
  3. Mergers: Tesla Motors and Volvo Cars
  4. The Merger of US Healthcare Institutions
  5. Jovanovic & Rousseau’s “The Q-Theory of Mergers”
  6. The Merger of Small World Agencies and Holiday Seekers
  7. What the Future Holds for Sprint and Soft Bank Merger
  8. Preps for the Merger of Caracal Light Ammunition
  9. Merger Meetings
  10. Merger and Acquisition Plans for General Motors and Elio Motors
  11. Mergers and How They Are Impacted by HR
  12. Analyzing the Mergers of Travel Group Companies
  13. Mergers: Sprint & T-Mobile
  14. Merger Brings About Change in Agthia Group
  15. Acquisition Concerns and Problems
  16. The Reebok-Adidas Merger
  17. Sustainable Mergers in Indian Aviation Industry
  18. Cultural Concerns Regarding Mergers and Acquisitions
  19. Financial Risks Surrounding the Merger of Eurocopter Company
  20. Mergers, Acquisitions, and IT
  21. The Merger of Scott Paper Companies and Kimberley-Clark
  22. The Merger of Utah Symphony and Orchestra
  23. The Consequences of the Merger of Wachovia and First Union Companies
  24. Issues Faced by United Airlines and US Airways Due to Their Merger
  25. Analyzing the Success Rates of Mergers & Acquisition
  26. Mergers and How They Affect Employees’ Mental Health
  27. Should Al Razi and Ibn Sina Hospitals Be Merged?
  28. European Union and the Impact of M&A
  29. Financial Reasons for Mergers
  30. HR Management in M&A
  31. The Need for Merger of Holiday Seekers Travel Agency and Small World Travel Agency
  32. Ethical and Cultural Problems Surrounding Mergers and Acquisitions
  33. Oil and Gas Industry: M&A
  34. IPIC and Mubadala Merger
  35. Mergers: Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  36. Analysis of Amazon & Netflix and Vodafone & Mannesmann Mergers
  37. M&A Management: XYZ Airlines
  38. The Daimler – Chrysler Merger and Its Overview
  39. Mergers: Northwest and Delta Airlines
  40. Reviewing Nokia and Canon’s merger

Interesting Topics to Write about Merger

  1. Delta-Northwest Merger’s Management of Change
  2. Business and How They Are Affected by Mergers & Acquisitions
  3. Current Airline Mergers
  4. Car Industry Mergers and Acquisitions
  5. Mergers: Lester Electronics and Shang-Wa
  6. Mergers of the Inbev – Anheuser Busch
  7. The Pros and Cons of Global Mergers and Acquisitions
  8. Inter-Clean and Environ Tech Merger
  9. Reviewing the Microsoft-Yahoo Merger
  10. Barnes & Noble, Inc. Merger Scenario
  11. The Benefits of Mergers and Acquisitions
  12. What Happened to Westpac Bank & St. George Bank Merger?
  13. Public Service Commission M&As
  14. Defining the Terms Merger and Acquisition
  15. IPOs and M&A
  16. Analyzing the Merger of Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways
  17. Mexichem and Dutch Peer Merger
  18. Yaffe-Bellany’s “A Merger in the Milk Industry”
  19. What Happened between BMI and Lufthansa?
  20. Cellular Industry Mergers and Acquisitions
  21. Corporate Mergers From a Behavioral Perspective
  22. The Role of Culture During Mergers
  23. Kraft’s Merger Bids
  24. Current Market Economies and Merger and Acquisitions
  25. Are Hospital Mergers Worth It?
  26. The Problems With Mergers
  27. Situation Analysis of Health Care Organizations and Why There Are Chances of Mergers
  28. Mergers: Lucent Technologies & Alcatel SA
  29. What Causes Mergers to Fail and How to Prevent Them
  30. The Merger between Glencore and Xstrata
  31. Merger Proposals by International Airlines Group
  32. Peet’s and Starbucks Merger and Acquisition
  33. M&A in the Light of International Business Law
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