Michelle Obama: Education is the most important issue facing African-Americans

Last week at a White House gathering Michelle Obama called education the “single most important” issue facing African-Americans in our country.  She pleaded with young people to make attending school a priority.

The First Lady emphasized the importance of staying in school — even if the school is “bad” with poor facilities and outdated technology — at a Black History Month panel discussion celebrating “women of the movement.”

Mrs. Obama attributes her own success to education and often touts the importance of young people and their pursuit of post-secondary education. She says that education will help solve issues like racial profiling, mass incarceration and voting rights.

The First Lady wants kids to go to class every single day. She points out that today’s children still often fail to meet their full potential and young African-American women often don’t attend higher education. She insists that if children fall behind in school, they fall behind in life.

I agree with Mrs. Obama – education is definitely the key to success, and you can always use more education. I love her passion for learning as she heads the Reacher Higher Initiative and strives to prevent young people from falling through the cracks and getting left behind.

I think that our country needs to continue to realize that every single student matters. Every person deserve to meet their potential. While the African-American graduation rate is on the rise, it still needs to continue to improve to catch up with other racial grounds. I hope through Michelle Obama’s efforts, we can soon resolve the issue of black girls not getting their education.

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