Middle School Activities for Black History Month

Black History Month is a holiday that celebrates the history and accomplishments of African Americans. This holiday is a time to reflect on all that has been done for African Americans and to celebrate the future that African Americans hope for.

There are many ways to celebrate Black History Month. Some people choose to celebrate by learning about the history of African Americans and their accomplishments. Others choose to celebrate by doing something special for African Americans. Some people choose to celebrate by eating specials or eating things that are associated with African Americans.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you have a great time and remember all that African Americans have done for us.

Here are five great middle school activities that you and your classmates can enjoy.
1. Crossword Puzzles

Starting with crossword searches is a straightforward way to learn events, people, and popular vocabulary. You should include key events such as protests, and important people, and their definitions next to the word bank. This way, they can learn what they mean instead of just the words.

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2. Black History Month Collages

Going over history isn’t the easiest way to grab your student’s attention. A fun way to teach Black history month is to ask your students to make a vision board. What resonates with them from sports stars, art, music, etc., from this time? Think Jackie Robinson or someone current.

More Information: Art with Ms. Y

3. Write About Inspiring African Americans

Writing about Black History Month helps your class retain information. Ask your class who (living or dead) they would hang out for a day and why. Have the students read and share their ideas aloud so everyone can learn about the person of choice.

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4. BHM Movie with a Game

Watching movies like “Hidden Figures” and “March On!” are great for kids to absorb. You can send them home to watch it. Or you can approach it with more fun to ensure they engage. Write a list of recurring words. Put a check for every time they hear the word. The right answers get a prize.

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5. Write a News Column on X Event

Let the kids be journalists and report on the events that happened during the Civil War. The battle of Fort Sumter and the Battle of Belmont are two of many. It also can be something smaller that plays a key role but is not talked about as much.

More Information: American Battlefield Trust

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