Middle School Teachers: Everything You Need to Know

They usually educate students in sixth through eighth grades. These teachers have precise subjects they teach. Teachers in middle school are usually employed based on their knowledge of a particular subject. In middle school, a teacher could be employed to teach mathematics, social studies, science, English, or history. They typically teach their specialized subjects to various students all through the day, but a few teach a particular classroom of students all their subjects.

Some of these teachers may even teach multiple courses. For example, a middle school teacher, who specializes in science, could teach natural science and biology courses. The responsibilities of middle school teachers may vary but usually include creating classroom rules, preparing courses, assigning lessons, grading tests and homework, and meeting parents to discuss students’ academic progress and behavior issues. Additionally, these teachers may spend extra time with struggling students, often tutoring and mentoring them after hours.

Since middle school is the link between elementary school and high school, teachers in middle school lead a review of concepts the students have learned in elementary school and build on them with more comprehensive information to prepare students for the upcoming high school years.

Kids in middle school are at a formative stage. They are usually at the point in their life where they are finding their interests, finding themselves, and dealing with all sorts of emotions. At this stage, social interaction becomes a bit more complex for them as well. Hence, their teachers become their role models, facilitators, and coaches. They are still delicate at this stage, and the things they learn go a long way in shaping who they become.

It is not strange to see the teachers in middle schools in different classes per time. This makes them spend a limited amount of time with these students, compared to how much time they spend with those in elementary schools. However, these teachers take up other duties, such as being a coach or a counselor for the students. These duties come with some extra compensation.

Typically, middle school teachers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, public school teachers must hold a state-issued license or certification. The BLS anticipates the employment of middle school teachers to grow 7% from 2020 to 2030, almost as swiftly as the average for all occupations. Approximately 48,400 job openings for middle school teachers are projected yearly, on average, over the decade.

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