Milestones Of Reading Development

Teaching young children how to read and speak can seem like an extremely daunting and challenging task for many parents and teachers. Thankfully, kids begin developing their vocabulary and speaking skills automatically very early on in their lives. 

Since kids constantly hear the people around them speak, their brains naturally start picking up on different words, sounds, and meanings. This is why infants can say their first word without ever being taught to do so. 

In this article, we will be discussing three significant milestones that all children should experience in the process of learning to read and speak. 

The First Word

Hearing your child say their first word can be an emotional experience. With that being said, it is also a critical step in their journey of learning how to speak fluently. 

As we have already mentioned, children start picking up on different words and phrases very early on. For this reason, saying their first word is an indicator that they can listen, register, and learn from their surroundings. 

After they say their first word, your child will likely begin saying a few more words in the near future. 

The First Sentence

Eventually, your child will have picked up enough words to say their first complete sentence. With that being said, you will probably have to start purposefully teaching your kid new words for them to reach this milestone

However, as they get older, their brains will begin remembering more and more from other people’s conversations, meaning that basic sentences should not be too much of a challenge for them. In general, children usually say their first coherent sentence between the age of one and two.

Sounding Out Words On A Page

After your child can say basic sentences, many parents turn to books to develop their vocabulary and improve their reading abilities. Using children’s books can be extremely helpful when teaching a kid how to read, write, and speak. 

But leaving your child alone with the book would be pointless – instead, sit with them and help them sound out the different words on the page. Once they can do this independently, they will have reached a significant milestone in their reading and speaking development. 

Concluding Thoughts

As every child learns to speak, they will experience essential milestones. The first word is an indicator that they can listen, register, and learn from their surroundings. After a while, they will also be able to say their first basic sentence.

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