Missouri football players call for school president’s resignation

A collection of black University of Missouri football players are refusing to practice or play in games until the school’s president Tim Wolfe resigns.

The move comes after Wolfe has been criticized for his handling of several race incidents across campus.

According to uppermichiganssource.com, Wolfe’s decision not to act to correct the racial tension encompassing the campus has forced one student to forge a hunger strike.

“The latest controversy kicked off with Missouri graduate student Jonathan Butler going on a hunger strike Monday. Butler says he’s not happy with Wolfe’s handling of several racial incidents on campus, and will not eat until Wolfe steps down or is fired.”

Some of those incidents include claims of a swastika drawn in human feces “on a college dorm’s brand new white wall” and many black students, including the school’s student association, were “racially abused.”

The school was slow to react and it has taken the bravery of one graduate student to create a power vacuum.

For the students, head coach Gary Pinkel has tweeted his support of their decision and so has the school’s athletic department.

Come Monday morning, Wolfe’s tenure may be over by force either by the students or the university. State lawmakers have called for Wolfe to step down and the Missouri Board of Curators will hold a “special executive session meeting for Monday morning at 10 a.m.

If students feel unsafe on campus due to threats from other students and the school’s leadership have aided in cultivating an unsafe environment, then the first domino of many to fall should likely be the school’s president.

Time to say so long to President Tim Wolfe.

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