Morphology Training Vs. Phonics Instruction

When it comes to teaching students how to read, there are various approaches that teachers can take. For example, some prefer focussing on the link between different letters and their dedicated sounds. On the other hand, many teachers spend their lessons trying to improve their students’ morphological awareness. 

However, out of these two different methods, which one is the most effective? In this article, we will be discussing the difference between morphology training and phonics instruction. Also, we will mention which method has seen the better results. 

What Is Morphology Training?

In short, morphological awareness discusses people’s ability to recognize, understand, and use the different words of a particular language. Often, this specific ability is overlooked during the process of teaching young children how to read. 

Morphology training refers to the development of this ability in young students. In the long run, this type of training is designed to enable the students to read and truly understand what is being said. Unlike most other teaching methods, morphology training also puts less emphasis on the children’s ability to memorize words. 

What Is Phonics Instruction?

On the other hand, phonics instruction is a teaching method that emphasizes the importance of the link between various letters and their corresponding sounds. 

During these lessons, students will be taught certain sounds and expected to memorize each one. For this reason, this type of training is heavily based on students’ ability to remember information. 

Which Is Better?

When comparing morphology training and phonics instruction, there is no definite answer to the question of which one is better. While phonics instruction is the more commonly used method, it does not suit many students’ learning styles. 

It is important to note that all students learn differently. While some children are very good at committing information to memory, others prefer creating a deeper understanding of their work. For this reason, certain students are likely to prefer morphology training, whereas others will be more inclined towards phonics instruction. 

As a teacher, you should try to incorporate both methods as much as possible to meet all students’ needs. 

Concluding Thoughts

There are various types of methods that can be used when it comes to teaching students how to read. Two commonly used techniques include morphology training and phonics instruction. 

Morphology training is designed to improve a student’s ability to register, understand, and use words. On the other hand, phonics instruction emphasizes the importance of linking different words and their corresponding sounds.

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