Must Have Ed Tech Apps, Tools, and Resources for the 2018-2019 School Year

The right education technology can increase student engagement, enhance student learning, and save valuable instructional time. But with countless ed tech options available, finding the best tools isn’t easy.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite ed tech apps, tools, and resources for the upcoming school year.


Edmodo is a learning management system that can be used to connect with students, parents, and colleagues.

You can use Edmodo to facilitate discussions, make class announcements, share resources, and post and grade assignments and quizzes. Edmodo even allows you to search for and use quality educational content from around the web.

Tools with similar capabilities include Google Classroom and Canvas.


If you want to make learning fun, Kahoot! Is a fast and easy way to do it.

Students answer multiple choice questions on their own devices as they appear on the teacher’s screen. Points are awarded for accuracy and speed, and the leaderboard is updated on screen after each question.

When the game is over, you’ll receive charts and graphs indicating student responses, which you can then use to guide instruction.


NearPod allows you to create interactive PowerPoint lectures that can be pushed out to student devices.

Interactive elements include polls, quizzes, drawing activities, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions. You can also add 3D objects in your lessons and take students on virtual field trips.

As students respond to questions, you’ll see the results on your own screen, providing you with on-the-spot student data.


Do you get tired of hearing that your students “didn’t know” or “forgot” about homework or an upcoming test?

Remind is an easy fix. It’s a safe and secure way to send quick reminders to any device, including student cellphones. You can schedule reminders in advance and translate them into over 70 languages.

You can also get parents to sign up, so they’ll see the same reminders and announcements as your students.


Increase student reading engagement using NewsELA, which contains current event articles from sources like the Associated Press.

Each article is adapted to five different reading levels, which can be used to differentiate instruction.

After you create classes, students can annotate texts, organize them into text sets, and take built-in quizzes that provide immediate feedback.

Using any one of these ed tech tools can help you increase organization, engagement, and student learning in your classroom!

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