My Vision for the Future of Teacher Education

In my vision for the future of teacher education, colleges will prepare teachers to work with students in new and unprecedented ways. Prescient education departments have already begun the metamorphosis.

Teacher preparation programs of the future will transform the educational landscape.

According to David Price, there will be a focus “on the nurturing of key skills and competencies such as the ability to seek, to curate and to  synthesize information; to create and innovate; to work in diverse cross-cultural teams; as well as to appreciate global issues within the local context.”

I predict that we will see these changes in the following ways:

More rigorous entry and exit requirements for teacher candidates

Currently, teacher education programs have vastly different entry requirements for program admission. I envision that practice changing.

The Council of Chief State School Officers predicts that colleges will become “highly selective” in accepting teacher candidates into their programs. Those accepted into teacher programs will meet rigorous benchmarks in their quest for teacher certification.

Acquiring knowledge by itself will no longer be sufficient. Future teachers must also demonstrate competency in applying what they have learned. This application will take place in classrooms and alternative learning situations.

College education programs will be at the center of attracting and preparing future teachers who meet national standards of excellence. Teacher preparation program visionaries will lead high schools, state departments, and national agencies in developing universal requirements. Colleges will also guide future educators through a new paradigm shift.

Greater collaboration

Teachers will learn how to customize educational experiences for their students. In creating bespoke coursework, teachers will rely on a network of colleagues for assistance. This network will transcend the walls of schools as teachers reach out to experts around the world.

Educator preparation programs will encourage early collaboration among future teachers. Global connections will position future teachers to share their skills with others. In doing so, they will be instrumental in changing public policy.

Meaningful integration of instructional technology

The future of teacher education includes seamless integration of educational technology. All teacher preparation programs will adopt the OET (Office of Educational Technology) guiding principles for using technology in the classroom. These include using technology as a tool, making technology sustainable, providing tech-rich user experience before teaching service, and adopting universal standards for use.

Rigorous entry and exit standards, collaboration, and technology integration are all part of my vision for the future of teacher education. They will be the key to transforming the education landscape.

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