Nintendo NES Classic Edition Review: The NES Classic is Back, But Switch Owners Should Think Twice

The gaming industry has come a long way since the early days of 8-bit graphics and simple side-scrolling adventures. As games become increasingly complex and immersive, it’s natural to feel nostalgic for the classics. If you’re craving some old-school gaming goodness, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition might be just what you need.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition is a miniature version of the beloved 1980s console that took the world by storm. It comes pre-loaded with 30 classic games, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong. Nintendo first released the NES Classic in 2016 but quickly discontinued it due to high demand, leaving many fans disappointed. However, Nintendo has now brought back this iconic console for another round of retro gaming action.

At first glance, the console looks nearly identical to the original NES design but is significantly smaller and more compact. The detail in replicating its appearance speaks volumes about Nintendo’s dedication to keeping the nostalgia alive. On a practical level, it also ensures that the device can comfortably fit on most entertainment centers without taking up significant space.

Setting up the NES Classic is incredibly easy. Simply plug it into your TV via HDMI and you’re good to go. One major improvement from the original console is that there is no need to fumble with cartridges or deal with their infamous connectivity issues; all games are now accessible from an organized main menu.

The included controller replicates the feel of handling an original NES controller, complete with its rectangular shape and straightforward button layout. More importantly, the gameplay still holds up well even after all these years; whether you’re saving Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros., or battling Ganon in The Legend of Zelda, these timeless games haven’t lost their charm.

However, despite all its nostalgic appeal, potential buyers should consider whether the NES Classic Edition is the right fit for them—most notably, those who already own a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch owners may think twice before purchasing the NES Classic because of Nintendo’s expanding digital library. The Switch now has access to over 50 classic NES titles, with more added regularly, through their online subscription service. So, if you’re solely interested in playing classic games on modern hardware, a Switch membership might be a better investment.

Furthermore, unlike the fixed library on the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has plans to keep adding games to their online service, including classic titles from other consoles like the SNES. This means that over time, the choice of retro titles available on the Switch could outpace those included in the NES Classic.

In conclusion, while the Nintendo NES Classic Edition offers an authentic and nostalgic gaming experience for fans seeking a trip down memory lane, it may not be worth it for those who already have access to similar content on their Switch console. The limited library and potential redundancy in owning both devices should be considered before making the decision to purchase this otherwise delightful piece of gaming history.

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