NOC Approves FY 2025 Budget, Freezing Tuition and Mandatory Fees and Expanding Scholarships for Adult Learners

The Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) Board of Regents has approved the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, which includes a significant decision to freeze tuition and mandatory fees for the upcoming academic year. This move is expected to provide relief to students and their families, who have been facing increasing costs of higher education.

In addition to the tuition freeze, the budget also allocates additional funds to expand scholarships for adult learners. This initiative aims to support working adults who are seeking to further their education and enhance their career prospects. The expanded scholarship program will provide more opportunities for adult learners to access higher education, which is critical for the economic growth and development of the region.

The FY 2025 budget is a result of careful planning and prioritization by the NOC administration and Board of Regents. The college has managed to maintain its commitment to affordability and accessibility, while also investing in initiatives that support student success and community development.

“We are committed to making higher education accessible and affordable for all our students, including adult learners,” said Dr. Cheryl Evans, President of NOC. “By freezing tuition and mandatory fees, and expanding scholarships for adult learners, we are demonstrating our commitment to supporting the educational and career goals of our students.”

The tuition freeze and expanded scholarship program are expected to have a positive impact on enrollment and student retention at NOC. The college has seen a significant increase in adult learners in recent years, and this initiative is expected to attract even more students who are seeking to upskill or reskill.

The NOC Board of Regents has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the college’s mission of providing affordable and accessible higher education to the region. The FY 2025 budget is a testament to the college’s dedication to student success and community development.

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