Number 4 Activities for Preschool Children

Preschoolers love to explore and learn new things. With so many new things to explore and learn, there is no better way to get them excited about learning than by providing interesting and engaging activities that are specifically designed for preschoolers.

Here are four fun and educational activities that preschoolers will love:

1. Road numbers

In this activity, kids pick their favorite matchbox car and trace the number by staying on the road using a printed or homemade learning board. After some practice, you could also have students use paint on the matchbox car wheels and try to make their own road. This activity builds motor skills and writing skills and reinforces number recognition.

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2. Ice Cream Math

Kids will love this firsthand math activity, and it’s a wonderful way to review counting skills after the summer or reinforce them at the end of the year! In this fun counting activity, each construction paper “ice cream cone” is marked with a number, and students place the appropriate number of pompom “ice cream scoops” on top of the cone.

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3. Dot Painting

This fun activity can be completed in a variety of ways–with a dot painter, with stickers, or even with inked thumbprints. It also reinforces math skills like number recognition.

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4. Number Find

On this fun math sheet, students are challenged to find the number four in a field of numbers. You could also have students complete this on their own devices for a simple digital math activity.

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5. Playdough Number Smash

In this hands-on math project, parents can roll out several playdough numbers for their children. Then, they ask their child to find a particular number and smash it. The activity could be extended by adding letters and other symbols or even asking the preschooler to make their own numbers.

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