On Standardized Tests, Students Face an ‘Online Penalty’

There is no doubt that standardized tests are important tools for educators and students alike. However, there are also risks associated with using standardized tests as a means of putting students onto different coursework tracks.

One such risk is that students may experience an online penalty, which refers to a penalty that is assessed to students for failing to complete a test. This penalty can be significant and can mean that students may be required to retake the test or face a loss of points.

For students who struggle to meet the standards set by the test, this penalty can be a major challenge. However, it is important to remember that there are ways to work around the online penalty and that teachers and students can work together to find a workaround that works best for both parties.

All of these challenges should be considered when choosing a standardized test. However, the benefits of using standardized tests should always be weighed against the risks associated with using them. If done correctly, standardized tests can help to improve the learning experience for students and can be a valuable tool for educators. However, using standardized tests in a way that places students on different coursework tracks can be a very risky and damaging decision.

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