One to Grow On / Respecting Students

Respect for students is a cornerstone of One to Grow On, the educational model that is practiced by the school. This respect is not only a value that we as educators uphold, but it is also an expectation that all students should have. To truly respect a student, we must first understand them. We must put ourselves in their shoes and think about what they are experiencing. It is through understanding that we can begin to build a relationship of trust and respect.

One to Grow On is a model of education that stresses the importance of respect for students. This respect begins with the educators themselves. We must remember that we are not the only educators in the classroom. There are also students who are learning and growing alongside us. We must show them the same respect that we hope to receive.

When we treat students with respect, they will respond in kind. This is not always easy, but it is essential to the success of our classroom. We must remember that students are not always able to verbalize their thoughts and feelings. We must rely on actions and reactions to tell us how we are feeling. If we are able to build a relationship of trust and respect with our students, they will be more likely to return the favor.

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