Online Learning Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for online learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

BlezGo – BlezGo is a learning management system that makes online learning accessible and interactive. It is a SaaS that manages e-learning, virtual classrooms, videos, and pre- and post-activities. BlezGo allows you to train and sell courses online in multiple batches.

Brainshare  – Is an EdTech startup based in Uganda. The Startup has developed a web app that creates an online learning platform where teachers and students in Uganda can interact. The eLearning platform allows teachers to upload notes, teaching materials, and assignments. For students, it’s easy to access content anytime wherever they are, with or without the internet.

Moodle – Module is a free, open-source learning platform designed for educators, administrators, and learners. The system uses a robust, integrated, and secure platform to helps its users create personalized learning environments. The software can be downloaded onto the user’s web server.

Edheads– A high-quality online learning science package that meets state and national

requirements. It incorporates mathematics and a variety of games such as Simple Machines, Virtual Knee Surgery, Stem Cell Heart Repair, and so on. Collaborating with institutions and schools across the US, this app has received numerous web-based awards and delivers free service.

Edna – It is an online learning journal software for childcare professionals, nurseries, pre-schools classes. Edna keeps a record of all the children in your program. You can find and view children’s profiles quickly and easily, add information, children’s comments, and more to build informative and in-depth views. The software increases parent involvement and keeps them informed in real time.

Genius SIS for Virtual Schools – Genesis is a web-based student information system designed for K-12 schools, districts, states, and higher education institutions, especially online/virtual and blended schools. Genius was designed from scratch to support the needs of online learning environments, such as rolling enrollments and integration with multiple language management systems. On this platform, users can create reports, dashboards, email templates, and even fields. Genius centralizes registration and management for all tools needed to deliver training.

NextThought – This tool helps to transform the process of online learning. NextThought can be accessed from your mobile device or from a computer system. Its learning environment allows instructors to see all aspects of a user’s activity and measure his or her performance against the organization’s learning goals.

Noodle– Noodle is a search engine for materials about education; it makes online learning simpler and smarter by suggesting and connecting you with the right schools, service providers, education professionals, and materials that will support you in your journey. It delivers details about educational opportunities available to you in an intelligible form. You can compare schools using factors such as class population, alumni achievements, or financial strength. It also shares advice and reviews from students, teachers, and stakeholders— all the information you need from trusted sources, available in one location.

SimplyDigi LMS – SimplyDigi offers products and online learning solutions that engage and make online learning easy and accessible across any industry platform. With this system, users can operate their own state-of-the-art, branded, web-based, online learning portal. SimplyDigi gives clients the online tools they need to increase employee performance; lower error rates; enhance communication; and manage, track, evaluate, and refine all online learning content.

Udacity – Udacity is an online learning environment for university-level classes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional university. With a focus on Artificial Intelligence, technology, and business, all Udacity classes are hands-on and interactive. To help graduates succeed in their chosen careers, class projects are designed to mimic real-world activities and can be easily included in portfolios for future job searches. Udacity also provides career assistance to graduates, including resume reviews and interview prep.

Vuolearning  – This is an online learning platform engineered to create and share courses in a mobile-friendly way.  Features include real-time learning analytics, mobile-friendly, and cost-effective, which makes it a good fit for those who are new to the world of e-learning design and development.

WizIQ – This is an easy-to-use online learning platform with many critical features: virtual classroom; online course creation; tests and assessments; LMS e-commerce; and e-learning analytics for tutors, educational institutions, and organizations. With WizIQ, you can create and sell online courses, take your tutoring online, create MOOCs easily, deliver learning on the go, train your customers, and train your partners.

Coursera– This app is designed to help college students make the right choices when it is time to decide what courses they want to take in college. It helps to prevent waste of money. It also helps with the elimination of the course they don’t have interest in by providing free online courses beforehand.

Scratch– Scratch is a free open network made available by MIT to assist young folks in learning to think and reason systematically. Scratch makes room for students to design and share their coding work with others around the universe. It allows them to create stories, games, and animations to assist in sharing their vision with others on the platform. On this platform, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations and share your design with others in the online community.

DigitalEd– Helps online educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to make learning better for students. With Maple™, the world-leading math software from Maplesoft™, providing mathematical back-up, DigitalEd creates an efficient platform for online math-based education.

Blossom Educational – This is intuitive, comprehensive online learning, assessment, and management software designed for early education centers. It improves learning experiences for nursery children and creates responsive communication channels between parents and teachers. It also records children’s behavior and attitude toward various aspects of their school experience.

GeoGebra– GeoGebra comes with an easy-to-use interface and many features that help you create, modify, and share math simulations and models. It comes with multiple platforms and dynamic math software that brings together tables, graphing, geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics in a free easy-to-use package. The app also comes with free and open source software; it has received many educational software awards in the US and Europe.– Lynda is a website for learning how to edit any form of media. With over 2,100 courses, you can learn skills such as photo and song editing, 3-D animation, spreadsheet creation; with Lynda, you learn everything you need to know from the experts. All the courses are created by users who are extremely talented at or work in these fields. This means you get only the highest quality content made by people in the field, not people making cookie-cutter classes. Lynda is an extremely affordable website to join, especially when you consider the number of skills available. – With over 25,000 video lessons and other resources, allows students to extend their knowledge of course content from home, or it can be incorporated into classroom lessons to meet student differentiation needs. There are options to take coursework for college credit, to receive homework help or complete study prep, and engage in professional development work. With videos ranging from the history of Sparta to working with fractions, can be used with students from K-12 and beyond. Any college credit earned is easily transferrable to over 1,500 U.S. colleges and universities. Teachers can enroll their classroom, assign videos and lessons, and even access printable resources such as worksheets designed to pair with video content.

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