Othello Essay Topics

Othello Essay Questions

  1. Othello: Can Pathos And Ethos Get Him To Stop Reasoning?
  2. In Othello, Why Does Iago Succeed In Convincing Desdemona To Cheat On Him?
  3. Where Do Othello And Blanche Dubois Feel Like Outsiders In Their Communities?
  4. How Jealousy Leads Towards The Tragedy In “Othello”?
  5. What Makes Iago, Shakespeare’s Villain in “Othello,” So Effectively Written?
  6. Can Othello Be Considered A Tragic Hero?
  7. How Does Iago Persuade Othello That Desdemona And Cassio Must Be Killed?
  8. Discuss The Significance Of Race In Othello
  9. Iago’s Plan to Poison Othello against Desdemona Is Presented In What Ways?
  10. What Effects Do Othello And Desdemona’s Age Difference, Social Status, And Race Have On Their Relationship?
  11. When Comparing “Brilliant Lies” And “Othello,” How Do You Feel The Characters Are Empowered Or Disempowered?
  12. Why Isn’t Shakespeare’s Othello Called Iago?
  13. What Makes Othello A Tragic Play, And What Are Those Qualities?
  14. What Role Does Iago Play In The Tragic End For Othello And Desdemona?
  15. To What Extent Does Iago Use Desdemona’s Supposed Infidelity To Convince Othello That Desdemona Is Unfaithful?
  16. Justifications for Othello’s Murder of Desdemona
  17. As Opposed To Desdemona, Why Does Othello Put His Faith In Iago?
  18. Is Iago Responsible For Othello’s Misfortune?
  19. The Similarities Between Macbeth And Othello Are Discussed
  20. Discuss The Extent To Which The Setting Of War And Soldiery Contributes To The Tragedy Of “Othello” By William Shakespeare
  21. In “Othello,” Whose Fault Is The Tragic Ending?
  22. In What Ways Does One’s Understanding Of “Othello” Require Consideration Of Its Historical And Cultural Context?
  23. Exactly How Did Iago Influence Othello?
  24. How Important Is Nonsensical Speech In “Othello”?
  25. What Changes Take Place In Othello’s Character Throughout William Shakespeare’s Tragic Play?
  26. Othello’s Dialogue And Actions: What Do They Reveal About His Personality?
  27. What Kind Of Love Did Desdemona And Othello Share, If Any?
  28. What About Desdemona Made Othello’s Feelings Of Love?
  29. Examine The Ending Of “Othello” And Explain How It Relates To The Themes And Defining Features Of The Text As A Whole
  30. What about Racism in “Othello” And “The Merchant of Venice?
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