Outdoor Classroom Day | 10 Lessons to Teach in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Classroom Day encourages educators to take their classrooms outside, and what could be more invigorating than learning amidst nature? Here are 10 lessons that are perfect for teaching in the great outdoors:

1. Science of Photosynthesis: The outdoor setting is perfect for teaching students about photosynthesis. Identify different plants, discuss their roles in the ecosystem, and show live examples of how plants convert sunlight into energy.

2. Math In Nature: Use natural elements to practice math skills. Counting leaves, measuring the height of trees, or calculating area and perimeter in a garden are engaging ways to teach mathematical concepts.

3. Environmental Art: Encourage creativity by using resources found in nature, such as leaves, twigs, stones, and sand to create art. Discuss textures, colors, and patterns found in the natural environment.

4. History & Geography: Take a walk while discussing the history of the land and its geographical features. This hands-on learning can enhance memorization by associating facts with real-world locations.

5. Physical Fitness Activities: Use open spaces to organize sports or fun fitness circuits. Stress the importance of physical activity and the positive effect it has on learning and mood.

6. Creative Writing Inspiration: Let nature be the muse for poetry or story writing sessions. The tranquility can help students focus, think deeply and get creative with their writing.

7. Wildlife Identification: Teach students about local wildlife by observing animals in their habitat, discussing biodiversity, food chains, and environmental protection.

8. Mindfulness & Meditation: Practice mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques amidst the calm of nature to increase focus, reduce stress levels and improve emotional well-being.

9. Nature’s Music Class: Listen to natural sounds like bird calls, rustling leaves or water streams; discuss sound patterns or even compose music inspired by these sounds.

10. Outdoor Survival Skills: Show students how to build shelters from natural materials, find north without a compass or identify edible plants – practical skills that also build confidence and problem-solving abilities.

Incorporating these lessons into Outdoor Classroom Day not only makes education more engaging but also instills an appreciation for our environment in young learners.

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