Overprotective Parents – Causes, Signs, and Effects

There are many causes for overprotective parents. Some may be genetic, while others may be due to an individual’s personal experience or the situation they grew up in. Regardless of the cause, overprotective parents often exhibit the following signs and effects:

1. They are often overprotective of their children and overly cautious.

2. They are often excessively sensitive to their children’s feelings: worrying about every little thing.

3. They are often overbearing and nit-picky: expecting their children to do everything perfectly.

4. They often have difficulty letting their children make mistakes: punishing them excessively for them.

5. They micromanage their children’s lives: controlling every aspect of their lives.

6. They are often unsupportive and unwilling to listen to their children.

7. They are often reluctant to let their children go out and have fun: preferring them to stay home all the time.

8. They often harm their children’s self-esteem: making them feel like they can’t do anything right.

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