Parental Involvement: Strengthening Communication is the Key

The Information Age has brought with it a lot more options for communication, but in the process has fragmented it. Teachers now have more avenues than ever when it comes to connecting with parents, but all of this communication can be overwhelming. Between emails, Facebook group pages, text messages, phone calls and send-home flyers, information can be easily lost in translation between educators and parents – and students are the ones who then suffer.

Each piece of communication is an attempt to reach parents and keep them updated on what is going on in the classroom and what their kids are learning, but instead it all collectively just becomes challenging and confusing.

What if parental involvement could be streamlined and reach parents in ways that work best for them?  A central location where information, messages, files and photos could live and be easily accessible to parents, teachers and admins from anywhere? This is exactly what ParentSquare delivers,  an innovative two-way communication and collaboration platform purpose-built for educators and parents.

How ParentSquare Works

ParentSquare is a simple to use, private communication platform that streamlines communication via web, email, text or mobile app. The easy-to-use interface offers two-way messaging, file and photo sharing, event and volunteer sign-up and more. With tabs for messages, events, people, photos, files and other options, parents can log into one system and have all the information they need. In short, ParentSquare makes school-to-home messaging simple, empowering parents to take a more active role in the academic success of their kids. Some of the standout features of ParentSquare include:

  • Two-way messaging
  • Text, email, web and mobile apps ensure schools reach every parent
  • Collaboration tools
  • Safe place to store photos – Unlimited photo upload and parents can see and download the full resolution pictures
  • Family-friendly features – easy to sign up to volunteer/bring classroom supply, ask a question, share photos and calendar
  • In addition to classroom communication, Parents can join and interact with school groups like fundraising committees or ELAC.
  • An instant Spanish translation option, removing this language barrier in homes where it may otherwise prevent parents from being completely in the know regarding their kids’ academics.
  • A people directory that gives contact information for important figures at the school and allows for messaging them within the platform
  • Statistics – A dashboard that shows who receives, reads and engages in the messages.

How it Helps Teachers and Administrators

The ParentSquare platform increases efficiency and strengthens communication in schools by:

  • Cutting costs. Forget daily reminders that need to be printed out and placed in folders. ParentSquare makes it all digital.
  • Reducing teacher stress. One message can be input into the ParentSquare system and then distributed a number of ways, including web, text, email and mobile apps. Messages can also be scheduled in advance helping teachers plan their week in advance.
  • Increasing parental involvement. Using the ParentSquare platform to sign up volunteers or ask for needed items in the classroom assures that no school need falls between the cracks of missed communication.

When it comes to fragmented school-to-home communication, there can be a lot left to chance. ParentSquare combines messaging functions into one simple platform and offers collaboration tools that encourage greater parental involvement in the schools that use it. Knowledge truly is power – and ParentSquare allows parents to have more of it through an effective system that ensures stronger lines of communication.

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