Parentification Trauma When Growing Up Too Fast

Parentification trauma is a term used to describe the experience of growing up too fast. According to the National Center for Parentification Trauma, parentification is a process by which children come to see themselves as under the control of adults, which can cause difficulties in relationships later in life.

Parentification can be harmful when it occurs during early development when a child is not able to form healthy relationships with their parents. This can result in feelings of insecurity, fear, and isolation. It can also lead to problems with self-esteem and self-identity as well as difficulties in forming healthy, satisfying relationships in adulthood.

Parentification can happen when a child is too young to understand what is happening, or when their parents do not

properly provide them with adequate care and love. It can also occur when a child is the victim of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

If you are experiencing parentification trauma, there is support available. You can seek out therapy or counseling or speak to your parents about what has been going on. You can also reach out to support groups or other resources in your area.

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