Parents grade schools “F” for filthy

National Survey Reveals Schools Fail Parents’ White Glove Test    

Phoenix, AZ (August 10, 2015) – Parents say schools don’t make the grade when it comes to cleanliness.  A new national survey reveals parents say school busses, cafeterias, and bathrooms are “unclean” and “unsanitary.”   As a result, more than 3 in 5 parents worry their kids are exposed to germs at school.   Even so, they send their own kids to school sick!

Parents Dish on Dirt

Parents dish the dirt on schools in a national survey of more than 300 American workers aged 25-55 who have at least one child aged 6-18.

Cafeteria Crud  – 50% of working parents pack lunch for their kids because they think the cafeteria is “unclean” or “unsanitary.”

Bummer for the Bus – 1 in 3 respondents won’t let their kids ride the bus because they believe it’s unclean.

Still, the dirtiest  secret of all…

Parents Send their Kids to School Sick – Nearly 1/2 (49%) said they feel pressured to send their kids to school in these conditions – even if they’re sick – because they can’t miss work.

OpenWorks, the nation’s leading commercial cleaning and integrated facility services franchise that commissioned the survey, partners with schools around the country to improve the health and cleanliness of their facilities.   According to David Bosley, OpenWorks Executive Vice President who is responsible for OpenWorks’ outreach to school systems, these survey results should be a true eye-opener for education leaders who have a responsibility to maintain healthy learning environments.

“The survey shows parents believe schools aren’t making the grade when it comes to keeping facilities clean, creating unhealthy environments for students ” says Bosley. “We want to restore that trust by partnering with schools around the country to set up cleaning programs that are sustainable and affordable.”

About OpenWorks:

Established in Phoenix, AZ in 1983, OpenWorks is a leading national commercial cleaning franchise that offers integrated facility services through highly reputable local affiliates.   In 30+ years, the company has grown to 330 franchise locations in five states from Illinois to California.

OpenWorks is guided by a simple philosophy: a cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive workplace.   The OpenWorks franchisees and preferred partners who serve more than 1100 facilities each day offer more than simple cleaning and maintenance – they help their clients fundamentally improve their work environment.   Each OpenWorks representative implements an environmentally friendly “Green Clean” program using the highest quality equipment.

The OpenWorks difference is all about open, flexible relationships.  Each OpenWorks customer receives customized solutions that fit the needs of their specific facility.

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