Party Planning Ideas to Make Your Party Pop!

If you’re looking to throw a party this year, there are a few ideas to get you started. First, think about what kind of party you want. There are endless possibilities, but some common themes include birthdays, anniversaries, or a night out with friends.

  1. Start with a Checklist
    Having your thoughts in order is important so the planning process runs smoothly.
  1. Pick a Party Theme
    Picking a theme gets the ball rolling.
  1. Establish Your Budget
    Knowing how much to spend is a key detail in your party planning journey.
  1. Pick Your Date and Time.
    Choose a few different dates you think would work well.
  1. Location, Location, Location!
    Book your venue.
  1. Create Your Guest List
    Who are you inviting?
  1. Are You Not Entertained?!
    Decide on your entertainment.
  1. Create Lasting Memories
    Hire a photographer or have a dedicated person take photos to capture the moments for yourself and your guests to remember.
  1. Send Out Invitations
    Whether it is sending out actual invitations or e-vites, send your invitations out.
  1. Place Any Catering or Entertainment Orders
    If you’re using the professionals, place and update orders as RSVPs come in.
  1. Set the Stage!
    Begin finalizing your decorations.
  1. Form Your Team
    You might need to bring some reinforcements in to help with execution.
  1. Make a Contact List
    Keep a list of contacts, such as venue, caterers, and entertainment, so that you and your team can easily reach whoever needs to be contacted.
  1. Shop and Gather
    About a week before the main event, shop for the party and collect any supplies.
  1. Jazz It Up!
    Time to decorate your venue.
  1. Is There an App for That?
    Consider whether you’d benefit from using a party planning app to help you and your team stay organized.
  1. …and the Crowd Goes Wild!
    Time to get your boogie on. Welcome your guests and enjoy the party!
  1. Clean Up, Clean Up…Everybody Clean Up
    Now that your fiesta is over, it’s time to clean up.
  1. Gratuity is Always a Must
    Suppose you’ve hired caterers, entertainment, and anything else for your party. In that case, creating a tip jar for your help is probably a good idea.
  1. Reflect
    And when the lights go out, and the party’s over, reflect on your journey.
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