Personal and Time Management for New Teachers

Check out our list of tips for personal and time management for new teachers.

A mental vacation will keep you alert and engaged for extended periods. Consider a goal you have. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in someplace else other than the demands of the class.

Set up a smooth school preparation routine. Once things are organized, you are in a better frame to begin the day with learners. Have your satchel packed and by the door.

Carry breath mints handy. After talking with learners for a period of time, you need to freshen your breath.

Throughout the class, provide stretch breaks. If learners sit for long periods, ask the learners to stand for a stretch break.

Don’t be afraid to say no to volunteer requests if you do not have the time available. This may take practice, but you need to know your limitations. A full schedule does not have room for extras.

Reassess how you are using the twenty-four hours in a day. Working smarter will help you to

Focus on all your routines, activities, and lists in your mind. Understand what needs to be accomplished today, tomorrow, and shortly.

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