Phonics and Decoding: Activities for Your First Grader

In the early years of learning to read, children are encouraged to start by decoding words. This is done by breaking down the letters of a word into their individual sounds.

One way to help your child learn to decode words is to use phonics. This is a systematic way of teaching reading that focuses on the individual sounds made by letters.

One way to help your child learn to read using phonics is to do activities that focus on decoding words. Some of these activities include:

* Making word cards with pictures that represent the letters of a word and having your child match the picture with the letter that it corresponds to

* Creating decoding games where the goal is to find all of the words in a set of cards

* Having your child decode words that he or she reads aloud

By incorporating these activities into your child’s learning, you can help them to become more proficient in decoding words.

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