Planning for Teaching During COVID-19, as Told By Disney GIFs

As educators across the world continue to grapple with the challenges brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to find ways to adapt, evolve, and bring some humor to the reality of teaching during these uncertain times. To help illustrate the various stages and emotions we face while acclimating to this new-normal, we’ve turned to our beloved Disney characters, whose GIFs perfectly capture each experience. So let’s dive in and explore planning for teaching during COVID-19, all as told by Disney GIFs.

1. Assessing the Situation – Cinderella’s Mice

![Cinderella Mice](

Just like Cinderella’s hardworking mice friends led by Jaq and Gus, teachers kicked off the endeavor of remote learning by assessing their situations. They took stock of their resources, skills, and students’ requirements to develop a strong plan for managing distance learning.

2. 1.Embracing Technology – Wreck It Ralph

![Wreck It Ralph](

In a world filled with ever-changing technology platforms, teachers bravely transitioned from physical classrooms to digital spaces. Much like Wreck It Ralph venturing through the virtual landscape in his quest to save Vanellope, teachers explored new tools like Zoom and Google Classroom, taking these platforms head-on.

3. Juggling Multiple Roles – Mrs. Potts

![Mrs. Potts](

Teachers played multiple roles during remote learning – being instructors, caregivers, and cheerleaders all at once! Just as Mrs. Potts managed countless tasks to keep the enchanted castle functioning, teachers juggled curriculum planning with stimulating, engaging, and providing emotional support for their students.

4. Adapting Lessons – Ariel


Translating lessons from the classroom to online platforms was no small task. Like Ariel discovering the human world, teachers dove into creating a remote learning experience that captured students’ attention while maintaining educational value.

5. Overcoming Challenges – Dory


Setbacks and technical difficulties were inevitable hazards of virtual learning, but teachers embodied Dory’s resilient spirit and motto, “Just Keep Swimming.” Despite everything, they continuously improved their teaching methods and adapted to unforeseen challenges.

  1. Celebrating Victories – The Incredibles

![The Incredibles](

Finally, as remote learning progressed and led to unique successes in education, teachers deserved to celebrate their achievements! Just like the Parr family striking their superhero poses in triumph, educators had every reason to be proud of their incredible efforts during these unprecedented times.

While we continue fighting against COVID-19 and reshaping education in its wake, let us revel in our resilience as educators through lighthearted moments and Disney GIFs that speak to our shared experiences. Together, we will overcome these hurdles and ensure the best possible education for our students.

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