Planning for the Substitute Teacher

Check out our list of tips for planning for the substitute teacher.

If you need a substitute educator, remember to leave them the following info: 1. Class roster and seating chart. 2. Class rules. 3. Directions for doing attendance, going to lunch, and allowing learners to leave the class. 4. A detailed plan for the day’s lesson. 5. The schedule for the day.

It is your job to structure a lesson that will keep learners engaged. By doing this, you will also minimize class management problems for the substitute.

Plan your learners for a substitute educator by reviewing the class rules. Instruct learners what you will expect of them when you are absent. Once you return, provide feedback to the class about their behavior and academic accomplishments.

Prepare a folder for emergencies when you can’t make it to school. The folder will be in a drawer for emergencies only. Plan three days of such instructional materials for a substitute educator.

Plan for special days, assemblies, disruptions due to weather, and other things that hinder learning flow. Carry a schedule for the next week on your desk as a quick reference. Give this info to substitutes so that they can be prepared.

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