Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Pushing the Switch Beyond Its Limits


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been highly anticipated by fans around the world. With an array of new features, Pokemon designs, and a promise to take the franchise to new heights, expectations are high. However, as we dive into a review of these latest installments in the series, it’s evident that the limitations of the Nintendo Switch are holding these games back from their full potential.

Graphics and Performance

The graphics in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are a mixed bag. On one hand, the new designs for both characters and Pokemon are visually appealing, boasting vibrant colors and a unique style that distinguishes them from previous generations. However, when it comes to performance, things start to go downhill.

The Switch struggles to keep up with the high-quality graphics of these games. Instances of frame rate drops and lagging animations become more frequent as the adventure progresses. This is particularly noticeable in crowded areas or when multiple Pokemon appear on screen during battles.

New Gameplay Mechanics and Features

Despite its technical shortcomings, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce an array of exciting new gameplay mechanics and features aimed at enhancing player experience. Examples include updated battle mechanics that add another layer of strategy to the game or customizable trainer outfits that allow players to express themselves while becoming a Pokemon Master.

Additionally, a robust ecosystem filled with diverse environments brings even more fun to exploring new regions and discovering hidden secrets. This is further complemented by dynamic weather effects that change gameplay elements such as certain Pokemon appearing only during specific conditions.

World Design

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s world design is genuinely astonishing. With diverse regions ranging from dense forests to bustling cities, players can truly embrace that sense of adventure as they traverse through various landscapes. The designers paid great attention to detail here, bringing each area to life with unique aesthetics and landmarks.

However, it’s evident that the vastness of this world is also one of the key factors affecting the performance of the game on the Switch. The console struggles to render this ambitious open-world smoothly, which unfortunately distracts from the experience and immersion.


Scarlet and Violet are ambitious titles attempting to push the boundaries of what a Pokemon game can be. However, it’s evident that the limitations of the Nintendo Switch are preventing these games from reaching their full potential. While players may still enjoy the updated gameplay mechanics, captivating world design, and new Pokemon to catch, they must brace themselves for performance issues that, at times, hinder the overall gaming experience.

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