Power Assertion Parenting & Effects of This Discipline Style

Power assertion parenting is a disciplinary style in which parents assert their dominance over their children. Parents who use this style of parenting may treat their children with disrespect and aggression.

Power assertion parenting has been linked with a number of negative effects on children. These include increased aggression and hostility, increased rates of child abuse and neglect, and poorer mental and emotional health.

Power assertion parenting is often founded on the belief that children need to be firmly controlled in order to achieve successful outcomes. This approach ignores the child’s feelings and emotions and, instead, focuses on the parent’s own needs and wants.

Power assertion parenting is not the only type of disciplinary style that can have negative effects on children. Other styles, such as spanking, can also lead to increased aggression and child abuse.
Power assertion parenting should not be used as a substitute for proper parenting. Instead, it should be used in conjunction with other strategies, such as effective communication and positive reinforcement, in order to promote healthy development in children.


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