PreK School Management Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for PreK school management apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your school? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

KinderSoft – KinderSoft is a Preschool management software that assists in the day to day management of nurseries; it helps to automate the management of preschools, store child/parent details, and manage bookings and waiting lists.

TodLog – This app is designed to help the childcare and preschool market streamline operations and parent communication using mobile technology. TodLog helps educators improve communications and engage parents in the learning process. It helps track attendance, fill out daily reports, schedule events, and send real-time updates.

TimeSavr – TimeSavr is a web-based management software solution designed specifically for the administrative needs of daycares, out-of-school cares, preschools, and day-home agencies. It maintains vital information regarding children, parents, and teachers; it can be used to track immunizations, emergency contact information, grades, and virtually any data that a private school requires. TimeSavr is an integrated solution designed to help staff-constrained schools do more in less time.

Aimy Plus – This is a childcare platform that helps preschools with features such as automated invoicing, digital roll calls, and more. Aimy is available on any web browser, PC, and mobile device. It uses modern technology such as AI machine learning and blockchain to provide services including online bookings, digital attendance collection, and support for fee payments; this software program can be used for both in and out of class student functions.

Day Care Control – This is a preschool tool that enhances productivity and communication between kindergarten, daycare, teachers, and parents. This tool improves the productivity of education centers and facilitates the dissemination of information to parents. The system integrates teacher-parent interaction.

Brightwheel – Brightwheel is childcare, daycare, and preschool management software for your ECE program. Explicitly designed for directors and administrators at mid- to high-capacity centers, Brightwheel provides essential features, such as seamless attendance tracking, intuitive digital daily sheets and reports, paperless billing, robust parent communication support, and free training and technical support.

Educa – Educa is an online preschool and childcare software that increases family engagement by documenting and sharing learning. Observations, photos, and videos can be sent directly to the parent’s phone. Updates comply with state guidelines or with your proprietary curriculum, which we can preload for you to customize inside Educa as needed. The software works on computers, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

EdOptim – This system helps to increase parent engagement for schools, after-school, and preschool programs. Supports school management, integrations, and scheduling; features include text messaging and parental involvement. You can schedule online classes, ask for a review, and share feedback.

Eleyo – Eleyo integrates all aspects of running a childcare, preschool, and enrichment program to make it easier for administrators to handle facilities, program management, and finance information. This is a cloud-based management program designed to administer programs and improve the interaction between the school and parents.

SmartEduCenter – This tool manages students, staff, classes, and exams through one integrated system; this app is designed for institutes, classes, academies, and preschools to help them administer and manage their operations efficiently and smartly.

SmartEduCenter manages students, employees, fees along with installments, libraries, attendance, expenses, inquiry, and follow-ups.

Smart KG: Kindergarten/Preschool Management System – This is a kindergarten management tool that enables nursery administration through teacher login, flexible reports, and more. The tool is web-based, so it can be accessed anywhere using a secure user id and password; the integrated mobile application runs on iPhone and Android. Other features include separate login for teachers, principal, and administrator, student registration and fee collection, events and programs module, and messaging to parents and staff.

School CRM – This management system is designed for preschool institutions. School CRM offers lead management, recruitment, and operational excellence, including pedagogy; financials such as billing, payment collections, payroll reporting; school kiosk; classroom iPads; optimization of payroll; and performance evaluation for employees.

sparkPRO – This is a preschool management solution that supplies a two-way communication channel for parents and teachers, supports curriculum planning, and other functions. It also provides extended types of observation, including reports and trackers that are easy to read and instant next step observations.

MomentPath – This is built as a full-suite childcare management solution designed specifically for preschools and daycares. Some of its features include the ability to do automated billing and timesheets. The app can handle all the users’ preschool organizational and administrative needs while helping teachers share special moments with a child’s family. The app is available anywhere and anytime on any device.

LifeCubby – This is a cloud-based management platform built for administrators of preschool institutions. It provides tools that allow for the effective tracking of a child’s progress and recording observations for the parents’ assessment. Parents have access to private accounts that are secure and safe. Through this platform, the children’s daily activities, such as meal planning and class events, can be shared with parents. The platform also provides tools to manage recurring billings such as student tuition. The app can hold money that parents can use to make payments. The platform also has Android and iOS apps that perform the same functions as the web-based platform.

Jovial  – This platform encourages cooperative/parent-participation preschools. Manage your preschool’s class rosters, tuition accounting, electronic forms, requirements, parent jobs, fundraising, and much more. Founded by cooperative parents and proudly offered at no charge to nonprofit preschools.

Jackrabbit Care – Jackrabbit childcare management software is a complete daycare and after-school management system for the typical childcare center, after school, and preschool programs. It includes a student check-in/out time clock, billing— including agency and split family billing, online registration, a parent portal, and immunization management. The app is available for one low, monthly price, and no contract.

Illumine – Illumine is a one-stop technology platform for early education that caters to the needs of parents, teachers, and administrators. Illumine helps preschool and daycare simplify administration, share updates, manage inquiries, streamline observations, and improve planning. Illumine provides a simplified dashboard, so you can keep track of student and family data, staff members, accounting, payments, and detailed reporting.

HiMama Preschool & Child Care App – HiMama is a fun, easy-to-use software for savvy childcare programs that are tired of paperwork taking over their centers. HiMama provides an easy way to record and share children’s activities—everything from silly and fun moments to learning and development—to involve parents and improve outcomes for children. The program also has powerful reporting and staff management features for directors.

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