President Essay Topics & Examples

President Essay Topics & Examples

  1. Notable American Presidents
  2. President of the 20th Century
  3. President Barack Obama’s Fiscal Policies
  4. The President’s Tools for Changing the Bureaucracy
  5. A Contrast between the Leaders of the United States and Mexico
  6. Barack Obama as US President
  7. The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson
  8. The State of the Union Address by President Obama on January 1, 2011
  9. The Picture of an Ideal President: Behind the Scenes
  10. Note to President Obama Regarding Potential Postal Service Insolvency
  11. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the President
  12. The President’s Signature on Tax and Spending Bills
  13. President Obama’s Proposed American Jobs Act
  14. Why Did President Obama’s Efforts to Prevent Israel from Building Settlements and the Palestinians from Applying for UN Membership Fail?
  15. What Made Andrew Jackson a Great President?
  16. Does the Vice Presidency’s Authority Come from the Office’s Increased Size or the President in Office?
  17. Evaluation of Document 28-1 the Great Society and Document 30-4 Are Described by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Ronald Reagan Speaks Out in Defense of American Morality
  18. Opinions on President Obama and Governor Romney Debate from October 3, 2012
  19. Thomas Jefferson, 19th President of the United States
  20. Cleveland, President You Are Where?
  21. How Three American Presidents’ Administrations Affected Families of Immigrants
  22. How Do You Account for John Quincy Adams’ Outstanding Performance as Secretary of State and His Comparatively Poor Performance as President?
  23. The Japanese Head Of State and the French President’s Influence
  24. The President and Congress in American Politics
  25. Leadership Roles of Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower in the Vietnam War
  26. The Presidency of the United States
  27. Preventing Abuse of Power: When Congress Must Limit the President’s Actions
  28. Role and Authority of Presidents
  29. Lifespan & Personality: Explaining the Characteristics of President Barack Obama
  30. President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms

Good Topics About the President

  1. A Review of President Obama’s Activities in the Media
  2. How Can the President of the United States Influence the Health of the Economy and Society?
  3. President Kennedy’s Assassination in 1963
  4. The US President’s Role in International Affairs
  5. Presidents Bush and Obama’s Fiscal Policies
  6. Analysis of an Article on a Request to the President of the United States
  7. President Obama: Economic Manager
  8. The Foreign Policy of President Obama
  9. President Obama’s Obligations During His Second Term as American CEO
  10. Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, both Republicans
  11. President Obama’s National Export Initiative
  12. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Hero of World War II
  13. The Position of President Reagan on Abortion
  14. Joe Salatino, Great Northern American President
  15. Analysis of American History. Thinking Back on President Reagan’s Life
  16. The President’s Agenda for Higher Education
  17. Congress and the President’s Respective Powers
  18. Organizational Learning: Boosting Worker Performance
  19. S. Congress and the President
  20. Civil Rights Movement under Presidents Johnson and Eisenhower
  21. National Security Policy Responsibilities of the President and Congressional Committees
  22. Has the US Under President Obama Undergone Change?
  23. Healthcare Reforms Under President Barack Obama
  24. The Impeachment of President Clinton
  25. Donald Trump: The Political Journey and Presidential Impact
  26. Elections for Kenya’s Presidency
  27. The President’s Men
  28. VP of Operations at Wendy’s Restaurant
  29. Analysis of a Speech by President Bill Clinton
  30. President’s National Security Remarks

Fascinating President Research Questions

  1. President Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Address
  2. American President versus Canadian Prime Minister
  3. Expansion of the US Presidency
  4. The Impact of Egypt’s Presidents
  5. Johnson’s Involvement in the Movement for Civil Rights
  6. Was the Auto Industry Saved by President Obama?
  7. Why Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt the President Who Was Most Popular?
  8. The Fourteen Points of President Wilson
  9. President’s Interview on Democracy’s Battlefield
  10. The History of President’s Day in the U. S.
  11. Power Relation between the US President’s Office and Congress
  12. The President’s Responsibility in the Puerto Rico Crisis.
  13. The President’s Policies and Law Enforcement Trends
  14. Executive Orders and Presidential Powers
  15. The Watergate Incident and President Nixon’s Impeachment
  16. The Top American Presidents between 1824 and 1865
  17. Gerald R. Ford and Richard M. Nixon both Served as President
  18. Vladimir Putin: The Success of the President
  19. State of the Union Addresses by President Obama
  20. American Presidents’ Policy Decisions
  21. The US Presidents: Absolute Power
  22. Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev vs. President Ronald
  23. Reagan Ronald Reagan as a Leader and a Person
  24. George Bush, U.S. President
  25. Dwight D. Eisenhower Pipes’ “Ike’s Last Battle”
  26. The US President’s Control over the Judiciary
  27. President Trump’s Economic Impact
  28. President Trump’s White House Turnover Rate
  29. The Letter of Georges Clemenceau and the Fourteen Point Speech of President Wilson
  30. For and Against Impeaching President Trump

Simple & Easy President Essay Topics

  1. Is the United States Prepared to Choose a Woman as President?
  2. What Makes a President Successful?
  3. Undermining the Constitution and Congress with the President’s Czars
  4. Leadership Influence Processes: Presidents and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  5. The United States Presidents’ Leadership Qualities
  6. Bill Clinton’s Presidential Achievements
  7. Barack Obama: The Very First Black President Historically
  8. A Woman in the White House: A Shock to Society
  9. The President’s Authority in Supreme Court Proceedings
  10. Larry Summers’ Controversial Speech at Harvard
  11. What Exactly Does a President Do All Day?
  12. US Presidents L. B. Johnson and F. D. Roosevelt
  13. William McKinley, the 25th US President
  14. The US Congress and President Bush
  15. Presidents Misdeeds: Morality and Analysis
  16. The President’s Foreign Policy Responsibilities
  17. Dana Perino and President Bush’s Armenian Genocide Conference
  18. Barack Obama to Become the Next US President
  19. President Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment
  20. United States President to Be Elected
  21. Abdul Kalam, India’s People’s President
  22. The Italian and German Presidents’ Constitutional Roles
  23. The First Black President of the United States: Is Racism Over?
  24. Presidents Nixon and Ford’s Relations with Canada
  25. How America’s Racial Issues will Change if Barack Obama Is Elected President of the United States
  26. President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009
  27. Recommendations from the President on Training and Development
  28. Fred I. Greenstein’s “The Qualities of Effective Presidents”
  29. Is it Possible for a Woman to Become President of the United States?
  30. In the Presidential Election of 2008, Obama or McCain?

Most Interesting President Topics to Write about

  1. Roosevelt was the First President in American History
  2. The Tax-Cut Policies of President Bush
  3. Obama vs. Lincoln: Comparison of the Two Presidents
  4. American Haughtiness, Mr. President?
  5. Do Americans Today Have High Expectations for the President?
  6. Lyndon B. Johnson’s Works Review.
  7. Barack Obama’s Performance as President
  8. The Inaugural Speech of President Kennedy
  9. Congress and President Obama Discuss the Healthcare System
  10. Ronald Reagan’s Power: The 1981 Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike
  11. Obama’s Capacity to Address Issues
  12. The 2008 Elections and President Griswold
  13. Republicans Grant, Hayes, and Garfield were Presidents
  14. If the President Decides to Activate the Draught, Women Should be Eligible.
  15. Analysis of American Presidents’ History
  16. James K. Polk: Among the Most Violent Presidents
  17. American Republican Presidents’ Histories
  18. A Speech by President Nelson Mandela Analysis
  19. Interview with Bolivia’s First President, E. Morales
  20. Andrew’s “For the President’s Eyes Only”
  21. Wall Street Reforms Under President Obama
  22. The President of the United States Trip to India
  23. American Presidents: The Strongest and Weakest
  24. A Comparison of the 3 US Presidents
  25. Does Donald Trump Have What It Takes to Be President?
  26. A Change in President’s Attitude Toward Climate Change Awareness
  27. The US Budget Proposal from President Obama
  28. The President Serves as Commander in Chief
  29. President Roosevelt’s Great Depression Stories
  30. The National Health Program of President Truman
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