Presidential candidate Jim Webb believes in "second chance education"

Jim Webb, a former United States Senator from Virginia, has decided to run for president. Webb is a decorated war veteran and former secretary of the Navy.

Webb follows behind Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee. Still not as many Democratic candidates as Republicans but the field is getting crowded.

Webb isn’t necessarily known for his stances on education but has compiled a small list of where the former senator stands on matters regarding education.

He’s a proponent of “second chance education” as well as adult education. In talking about the latter, Webb said that he wants “to place renewed emphasis on our public education system, including the often overlooked area of adult education.”

His idea of ensuring that most adults are able to read beyond an eighth grade level is good, and it matches well with Webb’s want to give young adults another shot at attaining a good education.

Regarding second chances, Webb says that just “75% of the kids in this country finish high school.” Fixing that problem is ambitious and will take years of political capital to adjust.

Webb will have to differentiate himself from the field better than offering a couple of vague education ideas. Clinton and Sanders have taken all of the airtime so far because of their names and bold ideas.

If he truly wants to alter education in this country, he’ll have to say and do a lot more to beat a Clinton or a Sanders. Still, I think his stance will enrich the overall education conversation in the upcoming elections.

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