Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance

Primal Leadership is a leadership model that was developed by Jim Collins. Collins believed that the key to success is identifying and following the principles of the Primal Leadership model.

Primal Leadership is built on the idea that great leaders are not born but are made. Collins argues that success in life and business is not about having an exceptional IQ, being born into a wealthy family, or having a prestigious position.

The Primal Leadership model is based on the following five principles:

1. Build a consensus:

Leaders must understand and identify the wants and needs of their team members to achieve success.

2. Be authentic:

Leaders must be honest with their team and be willing to take risks.

3. Embrace change:

Embracing change and open to new ideas allows you to adapt to changing circumstances.

4. Be passionate:

Leaders must be passionate about their work and be willing to put in the necessary hard work to achieve success.

5. Lead by example:

Leaders must set the example for their team and demonstrate the principles of the Primal Leadership model.

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