Productivity Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for apps, tools, and resources that can make you more productive? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Abara LMS – Abara LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that can be used to help employees gain skills needed to improve their motivation and productivity. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms for training your mobile workforce. Abara LMS includes key features such as Amazon AWS hosting, advanced course management options, API integration, and powerful reporting.

BeeduConnect – BeeduConnect is school software with a mobile app for parents to connect and communicate with school administrators and teachers. It enhances automation and reduces paperwork so you can become more efficient, increasing quality and productivity.

CampusEntry EMS – This is a school ERP for all kinds of institutions. Features include HR, attendance tracking, admissions, and more. It also aims to open communication channels among education stakeholders to help schools increase collaborations and productivity.

Cerego – Cerego is a personalized learning platform that helps people learn faster, remember longer, and objectively measure their knowledge using AI-assisted predictive algorithms. It helps organizations improve productivity as employees learn better and are better motivated and more capable. The app uses predictive learning features to deliver individual specific learning materials to its users. Available on Android and iOS devices.

Day Care Control – This is a preschool tool that enhances productivity and communication between kindergarten, daycare, teachers, and parents. This tool improves the productivity of education centers and facilitates the dissemination of information to parents. The system integrates teacher-parent interaction.

Edbrix – Edbrix provides an integrated e-learning platform for blended education using robust scholastic tools to facilitate storage, management, and sharing of knowledge for comprehensive learning through innovative delivery of instruction and assessment. Edbrix collaborates, communicates, and manages content based on Google and Microsoft productivity tools.

ESSMS – This is an educational management system that uses technologically advanced solutions to improve productivity. It also offers workflow management guided by the technical capabilities of “Online-Offline Process Integration” through the user-friendly digital interfaces. It can also be used to create custom solutions.

Fedena Pro – Fedena is a multipurpose school ERP system, which is concerned with the automation of a school’s daily operations. It is designed to influence the institution’s productivity. It is capable of a range of processes ranging from organizing parent-teacher meetings to online fees collection and examination management to bulk data management.

FULL FABRIC – FULL FABRIC brings together all your customer data in a single, integrated solution that enables you to manage your entire student life cycle from initial inquiry to alumni relations. This admissions and CRM platform for higher education can be used to enhance your recruitment and admissions processes, productivity, and awareness of prospects.

Knewton-Alta– Technology is all around us and constantly tracking our purchases, browsing habits, and entertainment preferences. Why not use technology’s tracking abilities to our benefit? Knewton-Alta helps students to improve their productivity and learn their common study tactics and routines. It tracks previous performance and helps to create a unique path for each student. Every student has different learning habits and succeeds in different ways, and Knewton-Alta can pick up on each student’s nuances. The tracking information can be linked to a teacher to help them identify the best ways to present new material and determine which topics need the most attention.

Mahara– Mahara is your new E-Portfolio that will manage your work and promote productivity. When all your belongings are in one place, it is so much easier to do work and so much easier to want to do work. With this learner-centered learning system, you can create, share, and engage with learners and collaborators with ease. No more hassle of managing notebooks, documents, and planners, because Mahara keeps it streamlined for you. Mahara can be used for work, school, or personal use.

Mendeley– Mendeley is a social network that allows you to organize your documents, references, research, and papers with a quick click. You can even collaborate with other users through this software, making it your productivity hub.

Navitus LMS – This app helps corporate organizations train their staff to boost company productivity and drive better profits. Navitus LMS also provides a suite of products that foster the relationship between parents and teachers, and it provides tips on the latest solutions and applications that can be applied to learning.

Omniscol – Omniscol can be used to create and manage timetables. It encourages high productivity with efficient scheduling and time management.

PalmLeaf – PalmLeaf helps users improve their productivity and learning experience. It monitors ever-changing life patterns and uses them to create a better learning experience. It can easily be integrated into an existing system, and users can also use this tool to generate different types of reports.

SAF School Management Software – This school management system offers flexibility for schools of any size; the software enhances students’ learning experience using guided lesson plans. This tool also fosters constructive parent interaction and helps teachers improve their productivity as they can make better decisions for students.

Schedule My Teachers – Schedule My Teachers can be used to improve teachers’ productivity. It can be used to create a schedule that matches the goals, objectives, and characteristics of the school. It creates a system that assigns classes and lessons to teachers in a way that improves productivity.

School Plus – This platform is a school management system that offers an impressive level of flexibility matching schools of any size. School Plus can also be used to amplify a student’s learning experience through guided lesson plans. It is also a tool that can foster the right parent interaction. The productivity of teachers will even benefit from this tool as they can make better decisions on students

Smart Pupils – This is a cloud-based solution designed to manage the day-to-day operations of schools, colleges, and universities. Smart Pupils is a dedicated platform that automates the educational institution by integrating all modules to streamline educational processes. Smart Pupils helps increase productivity and efficiency by offering a paperless work environment; it also contains comprehensive reporting with graphs.

Speachme – Speachme helps you create a peer-to-peer skill and knowledge platform to help transfer technical skills. Speachme is a video knowledge transfer and collaboration solution for the enterprise. Speachme helps improve productivity, lower training costs, and reduce downtime by enabling workers to create, view, and share interactive how-to presentations anywhere and on any device.

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