Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

Many parents choose to homeschool their children instead of getting them admitted to a private or public school.

If you are one of them or are struggling to decide for your child, read on. This article discusses the various reasons that parents choose to homeschool their kids and its pros and cons.

Continue reading so you can make an informed decision for your child.

Why Do Parents Choose To Homeschool Their Kids?

More than 2.3 million kids between the ages of 5-17 are homeschooled in the United States. Some of the reasons why parents prefer to do this are:

  • Because of religious reasons, some parents think that they could teach their kids according to their religious beliefs and teach them the tenets of religion and other subjects, which may not be possible in schools.
  • Parents who choose to homeschool may think that schools have too many students in each class, so their children would not get the attention they would get like they would if they are homeschooled.
  • Furthermore, some children have learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities, or psychological issues. Therefore, parents think it is best to teach these children in a comfortable home setting.

Pros Of Homeschooling 

Just like every other big decision, homeschooling comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the pros of homeschooling are:

  • If your child needs additional facilities, it could be a hassle to get those services and facilities in a school. At home, you will know what the child requires and can provide that.
  • With homeschooling, you can try different methods of learning. You have the freedom to change the methods, techniques, and pace, according to your child. This is not possible at a school where there are many students together.
  • You know your child’s interests best. With homeschooling, you can nurture those interests and likes while making it fun for your child, which is not possible at school.

Cons Of Homeschooling

Some of the disadvantages and difficulties with homeschooling your children are:

  • Home-schooling requires a lot of effort. Since you will be teaching all the subjects, you will have a lot more responsibility. Moreover, you would require a lot of patience. Also, you will need to be creative to try out different methods and strategies to encourage your child to learn.
  • You will need to maintain structure and routine so that your child focuses well. 
  • Also, schools allow students to make new friends and develop social skills. Your child may miss out on this. Not having sufficient interaction may hamper their emotional and social development.

Concluding Thoughts

There are various reasons that a parent would decide to homeschool their children. Keep in mind all the pros and cons of homeschooling and determine what would work best for your family.

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