Protecting Yourself from Getting Sick at School

Check out our list of tips for protecting yourself from getting sick at school.

Carry disinfectant supplies available, but out of learner reach and behind closed doors. Throughout cold and flu season, you will need the cleaning agents to keep the germs at bay.

Carry plastic gloves available for cleaning and blood-borne cleanups. Most school districts provide these supplies. Ask the office manager if you can obtain the gloves.

Beware of learner allergies. Your students may have reactions to cleaning supplies. Check prior to you asking them to clean desks or the room.

Find out to take the necessary pre- cautions every cold and flu season. Carry tissues on hand for yourself and your learners. Carry hand sanitizer and spray disinfectant at your desk.

Remind learners to wash their hands when they go to the restroom. If you say it often enough, learners will remember to wash off the germs every time.

Utilize self-talk to assist you in dealing with stressful situations at school. Once in doubt, talk your way through a situation. This saves you from later building up resentment, pity, and more stress.

Remain to stay in contact with relatives and friends. It is too easy to become immersed in teaching. Friendships are links of support that promote your well-being.

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