Proven Steps for Writing a Common Application Essay

The fall season is the college application season when every college applicant applies through the Common App Essay. This platform helps college prospects apply to many colleges at once and requires a personal statement.

In this piece, we will look at some tips to help students with their Common App Essay.

What is the Common App Essay, and Why is it Important?

This essay contains the personal statement to be submitted to schools that require the essay. The personal statement talks about your passion, interests, the things you have done, and your strong points.

Many schools require the Common App Essay as a core component of their admission process.

Schools that use the Common App Essay

Only a few Common App schools do not use the Common App Essay as a part of their admission process. Some schools that do not require an essay may demand a writing supplement instead.

Common App Tips to Remember

Here are some Common App tips as given by experts:

Rare isn’t Always Effective

One misconception with students is that a unique topic better catches attention with Common App essays. Colleges are focused on how well you can express yourself in writing and not just the topic. They want to know you have an idea of what you want from life.

Look for the Ideal Prompt

Knowing the unique peculiarities of the Common App essay prompts puts you at an advantage. There is a prompt that will work best for you over others. Ideally, when writing your College App essay, you should work backward. Ask critical questions of yourself before you begin writing. 

Optimize your Word Count

Students writing Common App essays tend to overwrite or write too little. Common App essays have a word count between 250 and 650 words. The ideal essay should have a word count of about 500 words. 

Be Detailed

The perfect Common App essay is one that is detailed with a central story. You go deep or general with your story, but we advise going deep. Also, ensure you approach the essay step by step. Give your story life and make the reader follow through with interest.

Be Original

You may have written different essays in high school, but none is like the Common App essay. The words you use should not sound like the product of research but from you. You do not have to fill your texts with ambiguous words aiming to impress. 

Get a Second Opinion

Before you submit the essay application, get the opinion of someone else. Get guidance from a person that will give you constructive advice and feedback. They should also help you proofread and edit it. An admission counselor may be ideal in this regard.

Concluding Thoughts

Getting it right with your College App essay will determine the college you get accepted into. Knowing the right tips to follow will save you time and rejections.

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