Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Famous Movie Teachers


Are you a movie buff who loves films featuring inspiring teachers? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz about famous movie teachers! From the strict and serious to the unconventional and lovable, these cinematic educators have left lasting impressions and taught us important life lessons.

Question 1:

In the film “Dead Poets Society,” which famous actor plays the role of English teacher John Keating?

a. Tom Hanks

b. Robin Williams

c. Bill Murray

d. Morgan Freeman

Question 2:

In “School of Rock,” Jack Black’s character poses as a substitute teacher in order to teach students what subject?

a. Science

b. Math

c. History

d. Music

Question 3:

In “Dangerous Minds,” Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, LouAnne Johnson, is a former officer turned teacher who works with her students on what subject?

a. Literature

b. Geography

c. Chemistry

d. Physical Education

Question 4:

Which movie features Meryl Streep as an iron-fisted music teacher named Roberta Guaspari?

a. August: Osage County

b. The Iron Lady

c. Music of the Heart

d. Doubt

Question 5:

In “Stand and Deliver,” Edward James Olmos portrays Jaime Escalante, a high school teacher who prepares his students for which academic test?

a. SAT

b. ACT

c. AP Calculus Exam

d. English Literature Exam

Question 6:

Ms. Norbury, played by Tina Fey, teaches what subject in the 2004 hit movie “Mean Girls”?

a. Economics

b. Health Education

c. Journalism

d. Math


How well did you know these iconic movie teachers? Whether you aced this quiz or not, their stories and dedication to their craft have left a mark on cinema history and continue to inspire generations. If you haven’t seen some of these films, consider checking them out for a dose of teacherly inspiration!

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