RAT Model: Everything You Need to Know

This model incorporates a unique approach whereby teachers are able to assess their own technology assimilation rates in the classroom. This model states that digital technology needs to be considered to potentially Replace, Amplify or Transform the classroom and was developed by Dr. Joan Hughes.

Replacement denotes the utilization of technology as a substitute for previous educational teaching methods and uses it as a means to an end. However, it does not in any way, interfere with the instructional practices and they are still the same as before.

Amplification denotes that although the primary tasks given are still the same, technological approaches help in increasing the productivity, efficacy and effectiveness of delivery of the subject matter.

Transformation denotes the usage of technological approaches to reinvent curricula and study methods, making it more effective.

With regards to the above three approaches for the RAT model, the two most beneficial ones are the amplification and transformation approaches in the model. While using this model, it is pertinent for teachers to evaluate their own implementation of technology in the classroom.

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