Reading Activities for Middle School Students

As middle school students prepare to enter high school, they may look for ways to enjoy reading. Some great ways to enjoy reading are through group readings, individual readings, or even reading aloud. So whether you are looking to start or continue a reading habit, here are some great middle school activities to get you started.

  1. Pre-reading Activities
    Pre-reading activities such as pictures, videos, and discussions prepare the students for the text. You can use these to get the student excited about the reading. I’ve implemented discussions before readings in my advanced classes and found them very helpful for the students.

More Information: Elf Magazine

  1. Teach Reading Strategies
    Suppose we focus on reading in the classroom. In that case, we must teach middle school reading strategies such as inferring, visualizing and connecting.

Huddle Teach has some great posters you can use for classroom decor.

More Information: Teachers Pay Teachers

  1. Figurative Language
    Don’t underestimate the value of teaching figurative language about reading. The students need to be able to grasp these terms to grasp the true concepts of the reading.

This teacher uses Pixar Films in her classroom in conjunction with a worksheet for the students.

  1. Book Trailers
    A book trailer is a video that gives a “preview” of a book. The students can work in small groups to create trailers similar to this one.
  1. Mock Trials
    A mock trial is one of my favorite activities for students. After a reading, split the class into two sides; one side is the defendant, and the other is the prosecutor. Each side must prove the case assigned by using textual evidence. My students would get dressed up for the trial and truly loved it!
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