Reading Comprehension Building Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for reading comprehension apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

ReadingIQ – is a literacy platform that brings a personalized reading experience to each child based on his or her needs. With ReadingIQ’s exclusive Reading Level Assessments, parents and teachers can be confident their child or students will find kid-friendly books that match their reading level. Reading Level Assessments, which take just minutes to complete, dynamically adjust their degree of difficulty in response to each child’s performance. ReadingIQ then recommends books at the appropriate level for the child. As children use ReadingIQ and improve their reading comprehension and fluency skills, the platform periodically prompts them to retake Reading Level Assessments to adjust their recommended level.

StudySync ELA – is a complete English Language Arts curriculum designed to meet the rigorous academic needs of today’s classroom. With over 2000 works of literature –with an increasingly diverse selection of titles in English and Spanish, StudySync is now available for students and teachers. StudySync’s unmatched blend of contemporary and classic literature comes together with the program’s rigorous reading routines to dynamically instruct students toward mastery. The robust skill lessons ensure students build foundational language and comprehension skills, as well as reading, writing, and research on inquiry skills every day. Resources are organized around a first read, a close read, and an associated skill lesson. English learner skill lessons emphasize explicit vocabulary instruction, language acquisition, and reading comprehension.

Whooo’s Reading– The goal of Whooo’s Reading is accelerated reading comprehension and improved writing skills. By using open-ended questions instead of the standard true/false and multiple-choice style, students are required to think independently about texts. The Whooo’s Reading program automatically reminds students to improve their writing by asking them to cite evidence or answer all the parts of a question. Teachers can monitor student’s reading with automatic quiz results, graded by the Whooo’s Reading app, available in the teacher dashboard. To increase student motivation, students earn Wisdom Coins for reading and writing. These can be spent on accessories and items for their Owlvatars (owl avatars).

Main Idea Sentences– Main Idea Sentences can help stabilize children’s reading comprehension skills. Understanding the main idea of a reading passage is one of the core abilities tested all the way up through standardized tests like the SAT. Aimed for children second to fifth grade, Main Idea Sentences aims to make sure that learning the main idea of a story will never be a problem again. Whether in a  paragraph or a story, this app will take your child through the passage step-by-step until they learn what it is about and shows how to identify it in the future.

Literacy Assessment Online– Literacy Assessment Online is a browser-based tool that can be used to track students’ reading progress. Testing typically takes up a lot of time and energy from both teachers and students, but not anymore. A teacher can track literacy standards quickly and easily with Literacy Assessment Online. Whether tracking reading speed, word accuracy, reading comprehension, main idea identification, plot review, character analysis, or any skill, teachers can get immediate feedback on how each student is doing. Having this information readily available helps classes to keep improving and allows teachers to figure out what is and is not working for their pupils.

Literatu– Literatu is an assessment method for teachers of children grades kindergarten through twelve. Using a basic curriculum, Literatu will assess students in a timely way through formative assignments. It will test them in all areas of reading and reading comprehension and understanding. It provides instantaneous feedback and has absolutely no limitations or constraints.

Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment– Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment is focused on reading and language assessment and combines data three times a year to help gauge your students’ reading progress. It measures word recognition, academic language use, and reading comprehension for kindergarten through second grade as well as complex knowledge, understanding, and skill application in grades three through twelve. This app can be used in combination with Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy to optimize reading experiences and reading groups in schools.

SyncBlasts – offers reading and writing assignments that present engaging, inquiry-based instruction in Science. Providing a variety of rich read/write lessons with multimedia resources—including a news show, Previews, and Explainer videos—SyncBlasts is designed to intellectually engage students and foster academic inquiry and conversation. Science SyncBlasts delve deep into scientific research and discoveries—all through a contemporary lens. The writing prompts are aligned to standards and offer reading comprehension, a student QuikPoll, and compelling discussion questions to support student inquiry. New SyncBlasts, presenting a variety of voices and perspectives with vetted, age-appropriate, compelling research links, are published each school day at three Lexile®-levels. A selection of SyncBlasts lessons is available in Spanish.

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