Reading Horizons Introduces New Brand Identity – Embracing Its Focus on Fighting Illiteracy

New Brand Embodies Reading Horizons’ Strategic Vision to Ensure All Students Reach Reading Proficiency by the End of Third Grade

(Kaysville, UT, February 3, 2022) – Reading Horizons, a leading literacy provider, today launched a comprehensive new brand identity, underscoring the profound need for reading proficiency in the formative and critical K-3 years. 

The new brand identity will provide educators at both classroom and leadership levels with a deeper understanding and awareness of the organization’s far-reaching commitment to impacting reading proficiency for all learners by the end of third grade while continuing to support reading intervention in later grades as well as in alternative educational settings. 

“While 95% of third graders nationwide are cognitively capable of reading proficiently, data shows that 64% are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade,” said Stacy Hurst, Chief Academic Officer at Reading Horizons. “Three in four of these learners will never catch up. As educators, we feel these numbers in our core.”

“Our new brand identity program is designed to reflect our company-wide stance and commitment to fight illiteracy shoulder to shoulder with the educators we serve. Our program, based in the science of reading for nearly 40 years, has equipped more than 50,000 teachers to help all students reach reading proficiency,” said Tyson Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Reading Horizons. “Our new brand expresses the seriousness of our mission to help all students achieve reading proficiency by third grade and to fully support the educators we serve in all settings as they implement our program.”

Reading Horizons’ new brand identity will visually represent the organization’s data-driven, science-based approach, tonally embodying the critical importance of the issue it has championed for decades. The changes represent the start of an exciting new era for Reading Horizons and its educational partners and evolved through collaboration with schools and district stakeholders. The Reading Horizons team included educators and educator leaders on its journey to develop and refine branding and messaging components.

Members of the educator stakeholder group shared their input and responses as reflected in these educator statements:

  •  “The new brand identity communicates hope and a new beginning for educators and students.” 
  •  “It shows momentum and a strong partnership between a literacy provider and educators.”
  • “The new identity aligns with everything an educator who understands the science of reading knows to be true.”

The new brand identity has launched online at www.reading

Educators can join the conversation at #RHmomentum. 

About Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons supports educators with powerful tech-enabled foundational reading instruction that helps all students reach reading proficiency by the end of third grade. For nearly 40 years, the Reading Horizons method has aligned with the evolution of the science of reading, empowering over 50,000 educators with evidence-based teaching strategies that prevent and remediate reading difficulties. Reading momentum begins with Reading Horizons.

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