Reading Tips for Parents of Third Graders

Reading is an important skill for students of all ages, but it is particularly important for students in third grade. In this grade, students are starting to learn how to read critically and analytically. They are also beginning to understand the relationships between words and ideas.

To help your child become a successful reader, follow these tips:

1. Help your child develop a reading routine. Set a daily reading goal for your child, and make sure he or she follows the same routine every day. This will help your child develop a reading habit and increase the likelihood of success.

2. Encourage your child to read for pleasure. Many children become successful readers because they enjoy reading. If your child is not enjoying reading, it will be difficult to stick with the reading routine.

3. Help your child develop a reading vocabulary. When your child is learning to read, it is important to provide him or her with a large and varied vocabulary. This will help him or her to understand the words that he or she is reading.

4. Help your child develop stamina. Reading is a difficult task, and children need to be able to endure long periods of reading in order to become successful readers.

5. Help your child develop fluency. Fluency is the ability to read quickly and easily. Help your child practice reading quickly and smoothly by reading to him or her frequently.

6. Encourage your child to read aloud. Reading aloud to your child is another important way to help him or her become a successful reader.

These are just a few of the tips that you can use to help your child become a successful reader. If you follow these tips, you are guaranteed to help your child achieve his or her reading goals.  

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