Reasons Why Students Cheat and How Teachers Can Stop It

Cheating has become very common in schools. Although everyone knows that it is wrong to cheat, surveys show that almost all kids cheat once in high school. Teachers and parents wonder what makes the students cheat. Let us discuss the possible reasons for cheating and what we can do to eliminate this vice.

Reasons for Cheating

1. Type of Tests

Some types of tests encourage students to cheat. For instance, multiple-choice questions invite them to indulge in cheating. Many high school and middle school students are under the wrong impression that ‘cheating’ is acceptable.

2. Unreasonable Academic Demands

Government bodies and various organizations put pressure on the education sector to make improvements in their field. Students have to take standardized tests. It helps the parents and officials to compare the schools at the national and state levels.

All this increases the burden of teachers who have to strive hard to make their students perform well on these tests. If the students do not do well, it shows that the teacher is ineffective and incompetent. Therefore, the teacher aims to teach the students to pass the tests instead of encouraging them to think.

3. Easy to Plagiarize

Earlier cheaters would write down passages from library books and encyclopedias and pass them on as their own. Now it has become easy to plagiarize. Students can visit any website that contains information related to their topic and copy and paste the entire text, reformat it, and claim it to be their piece of writing.

Ways to Minimize or Eliminate Cheating

Implement Policies in Schools

There should be zero-tolerance for cheating in schools. There should be policies that curb new cheating methods adopted by the students. Steps have to be in place to minimize the chances of students cheating with computer tablets and smartphones.

Role of Teachers

Teachers can make the teaching and learning process more exciting. They can encourage critical thinking and creativity instead of rote learning. They should be a good role model and teach integrity.

To prevent electronic cheating and plagiarism, teachers can use plagiarism detection services. They should check if students have any hidden notes with them. They must be vigilant and deal accurately with all the possible ways of cheating that exist around them.

Role of Parents

Children learn a lot from their parents and follow in their footsteps. So it is the responsibility of the parents to set a good example for them to emulate. They should discuss everything with their children and take an active part in their school work.

Role of Students

Students should develop their sense of integrity and not be led astray by peer pressure. They must understand why it is wrong to cheat. They must realize that they can never feel a sense of achievement if they acquire something by cheating.

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