Reddit Teachers Reveal Their Best Insults From Students, and We Can’t Stop Laughing


Teachers have always been on the receiving end of some pretty creative insults from their students. But when these educators take to Reddit to share the best of the best, it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll be left in stitches. This article compiles the funniest and most clever insults from students that teachers have shared on Reddit.

1. The Love-Hate Relationship:

One student approached their teacher and confessed, “I hate you… but if you were on fire and I had a bucket of water, I’d throw it on you, so I guess that’s love… right?” Definitely a love-hate relationship in progress!

2. Age Is Just A Number:

A high school teacher shared an instance when a student walked into class and said, “You look like the ‘before’ picture of a weight loss ad.” Talk about a back-handed compliment!

3. Telling It Like It Is:

One math teacher recounted the time when a student came up to her after a particularly challenging lesson and said, “You know what? If all math teachers were like you, we wouldn’t need therapists.”

4. Reality Check:

During an open house event at school, one parent asked if their child was doing well in class. The teacher offered encouraging feedback before the child chimed in, “Well, she likes me because she doesn’t have kids of her own!” Ouch!

5. The Sincerest Form Of Flattery:

A kindergarten teacher shared a sweet moment on Reddit when one of her students approached her with these heartwarming words: “Miss [Teacher], you look pretty today! But not as pretty as my mom.”

6. True Crime And Punishment:

While discussing criminal justice in a high school government class, one student raised his hand and expressed his gratitude to his teacher by telling her, “I’m glad you became our teacher instead of becoming a cop.”

7. Mic Drop Moment:

One student gave their honest opinion on a teacher’s test-review method, declaring, “I would rather crawl on my elbows through broken glass than listen to you explain one more quiz question.”


These hilarious insults shared by teachers on Reddit just go to show that students can sometimes be brutally honest or creatively clever in their remarks. As long as there’s a learning environment and the ability to laugh at ourselves, these moments will continue to make us smile and reflect on the joy of teaching.

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